Have I Been Neglecting The Big Games


I have noticed that over the past few years I have really stopped buying games that I would consider big games. Growing up I would always want the latest Pokemon or Mario game but now it is very rare I pick them up and if I do I end up buying them it is usually a year or two down the line when they have massively dropped in price. 

There seems to be a few reasons I think I have stopped buying these sort of games and to be honest looking at them now it really makes sense and has opened my eyes to my game buying habits. One reason I seem to neglect these games is because I find some of them just far too hyped, with social media now it is great seeing people really looking forward to a game but I do get a bit fed up when it is all I see all over my feed. Sometimes I just get so sick of seeing the game that I would much rather purchase something else just so I feel like I am playing something different to others and not having the experience ruined for me due to people playing whilst I am in work which has actually happened a few times in the past. I would definitely rather make my own mind up on a game these days rather than follow the crowd. Plus it seems that when a game is considered a big game there is always an issue with it when it has been released. Take Cyberpunk for example people hyped it up, rushed them to release it then it was full of bugs and people were ending up with refunds and sending the developers threats which was just unnecessary, I would much rather wait until they had got rid of the bugs so that I aren't disappointed whilst playing and so that I can enjoy the game without just wanting to trade it in or shelve it. There is no need for me to rush into purchasing a game just because everyone else is, I would rather not rush into buying it and make my mind up on it later on so I aren't wasting my money anymore which has happened far too many times in the past. 

At the moment I am finally working through backlog too which has definitely been a long time coming because the backlog has definitely got way too out of control. It has been very fun so far working through games I purchased and left sitting on my shelf, there are also games I have started playing in the past but given up on to move something new so it has been great to work through those games and finally give them the attention they deserve. I am definitely finding that lately I would rather play some of the older games instead of the new ones. With the price of games these days I might as well wait for the games I want to hit the sales because there is no point me buying a game just down to the hype or franchise for £70 for it to sit on myself when by the time I get round to playing it the game might be just £25 to £30 if not lower, although the price issue is also why I don't buy many Mario / Nintendo games as they just don't seem to drop in price and I don't want to spend a big chunk of money on a game I might not play right often as my Switch isn't something I play on a lot, I mainly play this on long car journeys and holidays so I mainly just pick up cheap games for this console and that is why Mario is missing out for me. 

I don't actually have as much time to play games these days like I used to as I have 3 blogs, a full time job and go to the football most weekends (well when we aren't locked down) so that is another reason why I tend to neglect some of the big games. If a game is over 20 hours these days I tend to not bother as due to a lack of time it would take me far too long to complete, or if  I do buy these sort of games I will only buy one of two a year so that I don't have too many big games on the go at once. With a lack of gaming time lately I would much rather have something under 20 hours that I can just jump in and out of whilst also only taking me a short amount of time so I can get through more of my backlog at the same time too. There is also the fact that a few games have strayed from what I used to love about them so I don't really bother anymore, I used to love the earlier Assassins Creed games however, lately I don't really bother as they aren't like they used to be, I know some people like that but for me I aren't too keen, then there is Call of Duty which I used to absolutely love but now I tend to avoid because I got sick of going to play and having to wait ages for an update to finish which happened most days, I would love to start playing them again but when I have time to game I want to actually game instead of waiting for yet another upload. 

I am definitely hoping to pick up some of the so called big games as a few are jumping out at me and these are... 

Mario Games 

There are quite a few Mario games out at the moment which I would love to pick up and I really want Mario Golf when it comes out. I just need to try put a bit of money to one side each month so I can start getting these as currently there are other things I need to buy but I do need to get a Mario game before I go away in August. 

Zelda Games

Believe it or not but I have never played a Zelda game but I think if I actually tried to sit down and play one I would enjoy it. Liam has Breath of the Wild so maybe I will start there and see how it goes so I don't actually have to spend any money on a new game. Who knows this could be a game that ends up having me using the Switch a bit more often as it could easily become a game I get hooked on and want to play plenty of. 

The Last of Us

I have had the first game sat on my shelf for a very long time now and I think that this year I might finally give it a go. Everyone I know has had good things to say about the game so I think it time to dive in and see it for myself. If I do enjoy this I think I am going to end up purchasing the second one too. Let's just hope when I do play it that it lives up to the hype. 

Assassins Creed

I absolutely love Assassins Creed but I haven't actually sat and played any since Black Flag as I just couldn't get into it however, I still love the books and everything else Assassins Creed related. I am lucky that we have all the ones after Black Flag as Liam also loves these games too so I think it is time I stop putting them off and get back into them as I have been told plenty of times that these are games I would enjoy. 

God of War

I have never played a God of War game either as to be honest years ago they just never appealed to me however, since the PS4 release I have been very tempted to make the purchase and I think I will end up playing it thanks to the PS Plus collection sooner rather than later. Who knows if I end up enjoying it I might get the new one when it is released. 

Mass Effect

I have never been bothered by Mass Effect but I have to admit after seeing the Legendary Edition I am very tempted so maybe it is time for me to see what the franchise is all about as it definitely seems like something I could enjoy and really get into. The price of this is putting me off though so maybe this will be a future sale purchase. 


I didn't get into Xbox gaming until the end of the 360 thanks to being gifted one by Liam's family so I never really got into the Halo franchise but a lot of people have recommended it to me over the years so I think I will give it a go soon, I think I will give the Masterchief collection and the other games that are out a go before the release of the new Halo game so I can see if it is worth the purchase or not. Who knows I might end up really enjoying it and to be honest I think I will and will regret leaving it so long to play them. 

I would love to purchase some of the above games and give them a go but for now I will stick to what I have got so I can actually play them when I get them instead of neglecting my backlog to focus on new games... I guess I just need to find a balance of big games and the backlog so nothing gets neglected anymore. 

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