Current Nintendo Switch Game Wish List

Since I picked up my Switch Lite I have been determined to purchase some new games to get me playing on the handheld a whole lot more especially I now have the Switch Lite as it makes much easier for me to play handheld for a lot longer. Our current Switch game collection is actually tiny and those games I have already are just ones that I tend to dip in and out of instead of playing through to roll the credits, plus they are games I would rather play in smaller doses. However, since getting my Switch Lite I have been browsing the Switch game section a lot more and I am hoping to pick up some new games very soon. Here are the games that are definitely standing out to me and I am looking at purchasing soon...

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This is a game I have had my eye on for a while as I used to love playing the 3DS version. I don't know what it is about Smash Bros but I love it so I think this could easily be one of my first purchases when it comes to building up my Switch game collection. I just love the variety of characters in this game and I can easily see me getting hooked on this in the near future. 

Lego DC Super Villians

Lego DC Super Villians is a game I have been tempted to pick up for the longest time. I was going to get it for the PS4 originally however, after thinking about it a little more I thought I would be better off picking it up for the Switch. I think by getting it for the Switch I am more likely to complete it and play it a lot more often as I can play it anywhere, if I wanted to play it in bed I could or if I wanted to play it whilst I was away which is what is leading me to buy it before August. I love DC and I love the Lego games so this could be perfect for me. 

Lego Harry Potter Collection

Another Lego game on the list to go along side one of my favourite film franchises. I used to love playing Harry Potter games but haven't had one for quite a while now so maybe it is time to get the Lego Harry Potter collection. I think just like the DC Villians game I could end up hooked on this on the Switch and actually complete it as it is something different whilst I am on the go or just having the ultimate lazy day. You can also get this for a really reasonable price these days too which is even better. 

Peaky Blinders Mastermind

I think the thing drawing me into this game the most is the fact it is Peaky Blinders which is a show I absolutely love. This game does look quite interesting but I think I might need to look into it a bit more before making the purchase but it is on the cheaper end so who knows I might just get it to give it a go. My only issue really is that puzzles tend to end up stressing me out so this game might just push me over the edge. 

Super Mario World 3D & Bowser's Fury 

The more I see about this game the more I want to pick it up and give it a go for myself. Over recent years I have seriously neglected Mario games and I probably haven't played one properly since the Wii days. I really want to change that now I have my Switch Lite though so I think I am going to dive right in by picking up a copy of Super Mario World 3D & Bowser's Fury to kick off me getting back into Mario games. From what I have seen about this game I think I could very easily end up getting hooked on this game and really enjoying it.

Theme Park Simulator

One game I absolutely loved playing when I was younger was Thrillville as it was theme park based and to be honest I really miss playing it. I haven't played a theme park game in years so I think I need to pick up Theme Park simulator as there is a very high chance I am going to love it and be hooked on it. If I buy this game I could very easily end up spending hours a day on the game and neglecting other games for it, which I need to stop from happening. 

Alpaca Ball Allstars 

Football and Alpaca's why wouldn't I want this game? The game can be played as a party game which I could see me and Liam enjoying a fair bit or it can be played solo in a career mode which is definitely more suited for me. I love football games as you all surely know by now and honestly I think the novelty of this could really draw me in, who knows it might even be better than FIFA and I might spend most of my free hours on this game. 

Mario Golf Super Rush

I haven't played a golf game since the Wii days but I absolutely loved them back then so maybe it is time for me to jump back in and give them a go on the Switch. I can see me and Liam really enjoy playing this together and possibly end up getting a bit too competitive whilst playing. This is a game I would be very happy to play on my own for hours too as it just looks fantastic. This game will definitely be bought before the end of the year. 

DC Super Hero Girls : Teen Power

When we saw DC Super Hero Girls : Teen Power at the Nintendo Direct I laughed to myself and thought as stupid it may seem for a 26 year old to get this... I will own it before the end of the next few years. There was just something about it that looked great and like it could be a nice easy going game for me just to relax with. As I said earlier I love DC and to have a game based on the female characters is hopefully going to make a nice change. 

So there you have it those are the Nintendo Switch games on my wish list at the moment. Fingers crossed as the year progresses I will have played some of these games and really enjoyed them. There is definitely a variety on this list to keep me entertained. What games are you hoping to pick up for the Nintendo Switch? 

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