What We Are Playing (4th June)


Well that was a nice short week in work thanks to the Bank Holiday here in the UK and us having an extra day off for a much needed night away. Last weekend was filled with gaming for Liam but very little for me as I was just too busy and this weekend could honestly go either way thanks to us having our night away. We only have 1 full day at home this weekend so that will be filled with jobs and blogging for me but hopefully we can find sometime to get some games played. Here is what we are hoping to be playing over the weekend if we get the chance... 


For our night away I will be taking my Nintendo Switch so I can play some Lets Go Pikachu as I never did get around to playing it last week. I am actually really looking forward to diving back into this and hopefully making some good progress. I never finished Bugsnax last weekend either so on Saturday night and Sunday I am hopefully going to make even more progress on this game and hopefully get it wrapped up, don't get me wrong I am enjoying it but I just want to move onto something new now. 


Even though we are going away for the night I am still going to wait until we are home to get my gaming done as I won't be taking my Switch with us. I will be playing more World of Warcraft once we get home because would it really be the weekend if I don't play it? I will also be jumping back onto Football Manager when I get the chance as I am still enjoying this too. I got right back into Red Dead Redemption 2 the past week or so too so I will be working my way through that in any spare time I have as I am on Chapter 6 currently so I don't have much of the game left by the looks of it. Fingers crossed I am going to be able to play a mix of these 3 games.

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to be playing, what are you playing? 

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