How Am I Doing With The Backlog Progress In The 1st Half Of 2021


How are we already half way through 2021? Time is really flying by and so far 2021 has been a pretty good year but it has certainly been a busy one too. Things are getting back to a bit of normality and all 3 of the blogs have been keeping me busy alongside spending some much needed time with family after the chaos that was 2020. In terms of gaming those two factors just mentioned have made it hard to find time to sit and power through games and throw in being back at work full time I have learnt that I really need to prioritise some me time away from the blogs and work so that I can just relax with a good game. I don't really have me time lately so that is something I am really going to be working on for the rest of the year, I am going to try set aside a few evenings/weekends where I just relax with a game and put me first. 

My aim for the year was to beat 10 games and half way into the year I am currently at 4 games complete so I need to pick up pace a little bit which I am definitely hoping to do over the next few weeks as I work on having that me time. To be honest though by completing 4 games I am already doing much better than last year when I think by this time I had completed 2 games. So although I don't feel I am doing well with completing games out of my backlog I am doing better than I thought. 

I said I wanted to mix up the platforms that I played games on this time instead of just sticking to one platform like I did last year. This year I seem to be mainly playing on PlayStation and PC at the moment and am once again neglecting the Xbox which from now on I certainly aren't going to be doing as a lot of the games I want to play for the rest of the year are on the Xbox for a change so it is no longer going to be neglected. 

Gaming motivation has definitely been lost lately due to being busy and a little burnt out from other things but since I have completed Bugsnax a bit of motivation and inspiration has come back and I really can't wait to just sit down and play away and finally get through more games. I really do need to learn to just switch off so now I am finally ahead in other areas I will be doing this to stop a further burn out and actually do other things I love, don't get me wrong I love all the blogging but there is a point where it starts to drain me and I need to take a step back. Let's hope that the new routine I put in place and getting ahead of myself is going to be a lot more beneficial to me. 

Remember that rule I set of 3 games having to complete 3 games before purchasing a new one? Well I was doing so well with it until a few weeks ago when Game has some great offers on. As I had completed 4 games I could purchase 1 new game so I picked up Avengers for the PS5 but then they also had the Last of Us 2 for £14.99 so I wasn't leaving that behind which means when I finish 2 more games to make the total complete to 6 I am unable to buy another game. The next time I can buy one is when I have 9 games complete so I best get a move on with completing them. It felt nice buying a new game though as I haven't got one in a while in fact the last one I bought myself was probably FIFA 21 on release day last year. 

Like I say I am determined to get more games played through the year and on various platforms to complete those 10 games for the year and if not more. I know that I am more capable of this by how I have done so far but now I am ready to jump into worlds I am still yet to discover. I know I said I wasn't going to be setting a specific gaming list of what I wanted to complete in 2021 however, there are a lot of games that are on the shelf jumping out at me and grabbing my attention so here are the games I would love to have complete or at least started by the time I do my 2021 backlog progress round up at the end of the year...

Super Luckys Tale (Xbox)

Let's Go Pikachu (Nintendo Switch)

Miles Morales (PS5)

Scribblenauts (PC) 

Last of Us (PlayStation)

Concrete Genie (PlayStation)

Avengers (PS5) 

Tell me why (Xbox)

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox) 

Gears of War Ultimate (Xbox)

Ratchet & Clank 2016 (PlayStation)

Lets hope that by the time it comes to doing the round up post a lot of these games will be on the complete list. I think I am more than capable of getting these ones complete before the end of December and maybe having a list to go through might get me more motivated to tick them off. I am sure you will be seeing these mentioned plenty of times on the blog throughout the rest of the year. Now lets get back to gaming... 

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