What We Are Playing (18th June)


The weekend is finally here again and I have had some time off work this week which has meant I have got a lot of blogging done throughout the week as I also used my evenings at home to get caught up on my blog posts and blog admin so that I could spend plenty of time gaming instead of blogging this weekend. We both have our Covid vaccinations today so who knows how we will react to them so I am planning for a nice chilled day with a little bit of blogging, some gaming and there is football to watch. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and most of Saturday and some of Sunday is spent sat in front of the TV to play games and away from the PC and blogging just to give my brain a bit of a rest. Other than the vaccine our only actual plans are to go see family for Fathers day on Sunday so we should definitely have plenty of time to get lost in gaming worlds. So here is what we are planning on playing...


Since completing Bugsnax the other week I haven't played anything just due to a lack of time so I am hoping that definitely changes this week. I am planning on finally starting Super Lucky's Tale on the Xbox and honestly I am really looking forward to playing this as it has been so long waiting now. I am also hoping to get some Let's Go Pikachu played too as I am really looking forward to diving back into this since I restarted it. At least with Let's Go Pikachu I can play this anywhere so I can play it whilst watching the football downstairs if I really wanted to. If I get the chance to I also want to play a bit of Overwatch but that will all depend on if an update is required or not. 


Would it even be the weekend if I wasn't going to spend most of my free time playing World of Warcraft? Of course it wouldn't be that is why I am planning on spending as much time as I can playing this. Although I did start playing Borderlands 3 during the week so I think I will definitely be jumping back into that over the weekend too especially if Lucy is too busy to be on the Xbox. 

So there you have it that is what we are planning on playing this weekend. Fingers crossed we both have plenty of time to make some good progress through our games of choice. What are you playing this weekend? 

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