Am I Getting Back Into Playing Overwatch Again?

If you look around our games room you will see gaming character stands out a fair bit... Tracer. This is because Overwatch is a game I was absolutely hooked on for ages when it was first released so much so that I actually ended up putting it on my gaming laptop so that I could play it absolutely anywhere, in fact I used to play it most nights where ever I was, some nights I would be sat with family in the living room, other nights I would be at Liam's and I would still be playing. But then I seemed to drift off from the game and it is actually a few years since I last played it however, that is about to change as the game is now installed again, well at least on my gaming PC and I am determined to get back into playing it once more. 

It is funny as normally if I am useless at a game I give up on it more or less immediately yet with Overwatch I just couldn't get enough. I would never win and I would barely get any kills but it was still an enjoyable experience me due to the actual game play rather than anything else and that makes it so much more fun for me. I don't care if I am terrible if I am having fun playing that is all that matters. To be honest I have actually really missed the game too but when I got my new gaming pc it was just taking forever to install so I didn't bother continuing and instead I have started to focus on my backlog but now it has final installed and updated I actually want to play Overwatch rather than work through my backlog for a change. I just know though that when it comes to the game needing another update I am going to be put off by how long it takes and I will probably end up drifting away again for a bit.

I have also been really short on time recently with most of my evenings been spent out of the house so gaming has really been on the back burner but I am hoping that this really starts to change soon as I really need to learn to manage my time better so things aren't getting neglected anymore, things have just been so chaotic lately but they are finally starting to settle down so I can finally get back to a few evenings a week being sat in front of a good game. I am also going to try mix it up a bit so I aren't just focusing on my backlog 24/7 too as it can get quite boring just playing the same game over and over again. Plus Overwatch for me is a bit like FIFA you can just jump in and out of it whenever you please and if you have a spare half hour you can jump on play a game or 2 and leave. It isn't like a story driven game where you want plenty of time to conquer as much of it as possible before you have to go off and do something else. These types of games are ones that I prefer to play lately too as with a lack of time I don't really get the chance to enjoy story games as much as I would if I could put multiple hours into them at a time, I just don't want to commit to anything at the moment so it is the perfect time for me to get back into Overwatch and play as much as possible whilst I can't really play anything else.  

Overwatch 2 is coming out soon and I am really looking forward to picking that up and playing it as much as possible as I think it has the potential to be a great game if it is like the first, granted I don't know much about it at the moment but I will be looking into it a lot more before its release and no doubt I will get it on release day or not long after. Overwatch is definitely popping up on my social media a whole lot more too with others going back and playing it again which has certainly been influential in me downloading it again and it is great seeing it still has a large player base. 

I can honestly see me getting hooked on this game once more and I will be jumping into it a fair bit these next few weeks. Now let's see if I can get back into it without adding even more merchandise into the games room as we already have far too much Tracer in there. Do you still play Overwatch? 

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  1. I hear you! Sometimes, even if a game poses a challenge it's still fun to engage in due to the quality of the game. Great post!