3 Months With The Steelseries Arctis 7 Headset


It took me long enough to finally take the plunge to purchase a new headset and 3 month later am I still enjoying my Steelseries Arctis 7's? When we moved house 3 years ago my previous Steelseries headset unfortunately got pretty badly damaged and was no longer usable so I ended up using Liam's old Razer Kraken headset for a while but due to the length of time he had this for it was actually starting to fall apart so just over 3 month ago I bit the bullet and purchased the Steelseries Arctis 7's it was definitely a splurge and I can't believe just how much headsets are these day but here is how I am getting on 3 month later... 

I knew from previously owning a Steelseries headset that I was going to be in for a treat as my previous one was great and lasted me a while but I didn't know just how much of a treat I was in for. Something I often struggle with is comfort on the ear cups however, with these it is a perfect fit which means comfort levels are spot on. The cups fit over my ears just as they should do so it doesn't feel like my ears are being squashed like they have previously felt like. Even when I am wearing my glasses the headset feels comfortable which is a very rare feeling if I am honest as previously my ears being squashed has led to my glasses rubbing me and just overall hurting me. The perfect fit of the ear cups and headband also means I can wear the headset for longer which has meant I am at my PC a whole lot more working on new content and even playing games once again. It is strange really as if Liam is in the house I will only ever use my PC with the headset on so to be able to wear it for longer without getting irritated has been great. Thanks to the fact the headset is pretty lightweight too I have actually forgot at times that I have even had the headset on which has been a strange feeling but I suppose it is good that it doesn't feel like it is weighing my head down. 

The audio quality has actually surprised me with this headset too as everything is lovely and clear which is fantastic. I have basically only really used them for YouTube, music and the odd bit of gameplay these past few months but I have heard everything perfectly clear with no issues at all. The volume levels are great too and even to be able to hear everything perfectly I haven't had to have the volume up really loud like in previous years. In the next few months though I want to play about with the settings of this headset and test out other features so that I can really get the full experience out of it as I don't think I have done this at all yet, I haven't even tried the mic out or even connected it to my PS5 yet due to a lack of time and gaming recently so I want to get that done as soon as possible. 

The headset also drowns Liam out nicely and other background noise which is something I really wanted as I am very easily distracted which isn't good at all when it comes to actually getting content written and published. I have definitely been a lot more productive whilst wearing them as blocking all the background noise has made me a whole lot more focused on the task at hand for a change as I can only hear what is playing through my PC. 

This is my first wireless headset too and I will be honest I was a little worried at first about having to constantly charge it however, it holds its charge really well and in the 3 months of owning it I have never actually had it die on me. All I tend to do is give it a quick charge if I have to nip away from my desk then unplug them to use them wireless again once I am back at my desk. It has also been really nice to be able to have them on and be able to just walk around the games room a bit rather than being restricted by a wire. This just means I can get up and stretch my legs without having to mess around pausing music or a video I am watching. I can even go downstairs to grab something to eat or drink whilst wearing them and not having my listening disrupted which is brilliant. There have been a few times when they have dropped out and disconnected but I think that might be due to the receiver being restricted a few times but touch wood this hasn't actually happened for a while so I might have solved that issue already. 

 Overall if you are on the market I would definitely recommend the Steelseries Arctis 7's, they might be on the pricey side but at the same time you get you value for your money. They have definitely been beneficial to me as my productivity levels have massively increased as I am less distracted whilst wearing these and I am happy to wear them for prolonged periods of time unlike previous headsets. 

Do you own the Steelseries Arctis 7's? What do you think to them?  

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