The Current Blogging Set Up

For so long I have just blogged from absolutely anywhere whether it is whilst I have been laid in the bed, sat on the sofa or anywhere else in the house. However, I was really struggling as I was far too distracted by the silliest of things that is why lately I have been lacking on content on here thanks to the distractions actually stopping me from progressing with what I am working on. That is why I have created myself a little blogging area in the house free from all distractions. 

The spare room was used as a bit of a dressing room previously however, it was the perfect space for me to turn it into a little bit of an office where I can just shut myself in and get on with what I need to. There is plenty of space for storage, my laptop, taking images and sitting and writing in a notebook if I need to. That is why I am now spending so much time in here working on new posts as it has everything I all in one space so I can just get on with it. So here is how I have changed the spare room. 

As soon as you enter the room you see my dressing table which is now considered my desk. I keep my glasses and my stationary in the drawers in the desk and I will put my Macbook or notebook on here depending on which I am using at that point. I also have my old iPad on here just as a second screen for either research, listening to music or watch YouTube. This dressing table is a lot bigger than it seems so there is plenty of space for what ever I need. On the top permanently I keep my coaster, and my little box filled with my unboxing knife and cables and to be honest a lot of junk that I need to clear out soon. It is nice to just have this space clean so I can just work on what I need when I need instead of having to move everything around constantly. I have kept my mirror up here just so I can still do my hair on a morning but to the side of that I have my new whiteboards which have been a bit of a savior as I can see what needs working on and when it need to be done by on one board and on the other I have football fixtures and any appointments I have coming up that I need to remember and my important to do bits that I constantly need reminding of. I usually keep my day to day back pack too as it usually has any notebooks in that I may need. It is just so nice to have everything in one space. 

To the side of my desk I have my Alex drawers which are now filled with stationary, camera gear and a lot of random bits all to help me with my blog. Again it is great having all this by my side as I aren't constantly hunting around looking for items like I was previously. I now know exactly where my cables and memory cards which is saving me so much time. Down the side of the drawers I also keep my tripod and camera bag just for easier access. 

If I aren't sat in the spare room though I still have my trusty gaming PC set up in the corner with my big calendar whiteboard above it. I still do a fair bit of blogging from here when I do fancy a bit of company from Liam or if I need two bigger screens for whatever I am working on. This is also where all my images are stored too so I need to go on it fairly often. It is nice having both areas as it means I can mix it up and have a change of scenery if needed so I aren't bored and can get on with things. This set up does need a bit more work doing to it though.  

Neither of these set ups are exactly perfect or how I would love them to look but it is a start. I will be making a few more changes to the spare room and my set up in the games room over the near future to get it looking a bit nicer and make it more a bit more of a productive set up. I am loving how things are coming together now but fingers crossed one day I can be at the stage where I need an office for the blogs etc but for now I will stick to the spare room and my little corner in the games room. Let's hope you see more content on here due to the productivity and motivation I have found from these areas. 

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