What We Are Playing (20th August)


Another weekend has finally arrived and fingers crossed this one is going to be a bit quieter than the last so we both some time to sit down and play some games. This weekend there isn't actually much to be doing, some jobs need sorting in the house which hopefully won't take long then there are a few blog bits that need doing and a trip to the football is in order on Sunday but other than that we are in for a pretty relaxed one. I am hoping we can get the majority of the jobs done early on Saturday so the rest of the day is free. So here is what we are planning on playing...


For me it is a case of getting all my blogging and housework done before I sit down and play any games. When I do get round to gaming though I will be jumping straight back into Spider-Man Miles Morales as I started it during the week and I am absolutely loving it, fingers crossed I can make some good progress through this at the weekend as I think I am loving it more than I did the Spider-Man PS4 game. If I get the chance I am also fancying playing a bit more Let's Go Pikachu too as it has been a while since I last played that. 


For me I am going to be mainly doing bits for Lucy's blog like taking pictures this weekend but when I do have some free time I will be purely sticking to one game... Football Manager 21. I have really got back into it recently and am really enjoying my time playing through my current save so I am putting a lot of time into it. Who knows I might jump into something else somewhere along the line but my main focus will be Football Manager.

So there you have it that is what we will be playing over the weekend fingers crossed we can put plenty of hours into what we are playing and have plenty of fun doing so, now lets just get the housework and blogging out of the way. 

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