July 2021 New In

Getting Covid has done me one huge favour... I haven't spent half as much money as I normally would as I wasn't able to go out from just before payday to the start of July and then when I could go out I still held back with my spending as I think I realised that I didn't really need anything else. That is why what I did actually buy in July is items that are actually going to benefit me or I have had my eye on for a while.

So here is what I picked up in July...

One of this months PS Plus games was Call of Duty Black Ops 4, I honestly only got this as it was free but it might end up installing at some point. I was honestly not going to bother picking this up as I have so many Call of Duty games that I don't play and I couldn't remember if I had it or not already. In the end though I ended up just getting it as even if it is a duplicate it was free so I am not losing any money. 

I have actually had my eye on A Plague Tale : Innocence for a while but kept putting off buying it so when I saw that the PS5 version was a free game through PS Plus I had to download it straight away. I am glad I held off buying this as I think the PS5 experience is going to be absolutely fantastic and I just really can't wait to get playing it as it has been a long time coming. I have heard so many good things about this game so lets hope I enjoy it as much as others. 

Finally from the PS Plus free games we have WWE 2K Battlegrounds, to be honest I don't know much about this game but with it being free I thought I would download it and get around to installing it at some point in the future. I have been a big fan of WWE for a long time now and I actually really enjoy playing other wrestling games so fingers crossed I get around to playing this soon and actually enjoy it but to be honest it does look very random. 

Comfy clothing is what I have been living in recently when I have actually been home as it just means I feel a lot happier and comfortable. The weather has been nice so I have picked up this waffle texture lounge wear from Asda for just £12.50 and it has been amazing. I can sit in the same place for ages in this set meaning it has been amazing for those long weekends and evenings blogging and I just know it is going to be amazing for long gaming sessions too. I wish they had more colours of this set too. 

I am slowly turning the spare room into more of an office set up for myself and it has been great for blogging in as there are no distractions which is perfect for me. I picked up a couple of whiteboards for in here as it means I can keep track of where I am in terms of content and if I have any football games or appointments coming up. These are already really helping me and I am finally getting back on track. 

My mum found a variety of notebooks in Wilkinsons for just 10p and 25p and she knows how much I use them for my blogs so she ended up getting me stocked up. I have 3 A4 notebooks and two A5 ones so these will keep me going for a while and will definitely be used very soon. 

So there you have it I have definitely been very good with my money this month yet I am still very pleased with everything I have purchased as the majority of things are useful or things I have wanted for a while. 

What is your favourite pick up from July? 

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