Are The Wireless Earphones Worth It 6 Month On?

How has it been over 6 month since I got my earphones already? It is safe to say they have been my most used item from what I got for Christmas. They have helped me out in various situations and in the 6 month of using them they haven't let me down once which is fantastic. So here is my 6 month experience with the i17 earphones so far... 

With them being wireless something I was worried about was if  the battery just suddenly died when I was on a long journey. In the 6 month I have had them though I haven't had this issue for two main reasons. The first one is that the earphones actually seem to register as Airpods on my phone and Macbook so if I go to my charge widget I can actually see just how much battery life each earphone has got left which is brilliant as it means with just one swipe I know if they are going to die or last for a bit longer. It is really clear on the widget too and gives you a bit of a warning which is always useful. If I don't want to check the widget though I will just pull out the earphone and if it is flashing red I know I need to charge them. With them charging through the case that will also notify me when it needs charging as there is a blue light strip on the case when it is charged but that will turn red and flash when it does require that boost so you are never short of warnings. I have found the battery life to be brilliant though and I can listen to music for short periods for a week and that will run off one charge but even if I am listening to them for longer periods of time I only have to charge them once or twice a week which is brilliant as I aren't constantly having to remember to charge them. If I am going on a long journey or know I will be using them a lot I tend to give them an overnight charge just to ensure that they are definitely fully charged for the day. 

When I first opened them I remember joking saying how am I meant to not lose them? But so far 6 month on I haven't lost them at all which has definitely surprised me as I thought I would be constantly looking around for them. I make sure that as soon as I aren't using the earphones they go straight back into the case and then the case is only ever in one of these places, in my desk draw in the spare room, on my desk in the games room, inside my bedside table or in my backpack. It is as simple as that so they always have their own space and I know just where they are at all times. The are mainly in my bag if I am away or taking them to work but any other time they are safe and sound in the house. The case is nice and compact too so no matter where they are they never take up much space which makes them perfect for carrying around in my bag all the time. The print on the case is holding up well too to say how often they are thrown in and out of my bag, I thought it would be ruined by now. 

To say they aren't real Airpods I am really impressed with the sound quality too. You can hear the audio quality perfectly and my listening hasn't been effected even though these are technically a cheaper pair of earphones. The quality of the sound has definitely surprised me as I really did expect it to have been reduced due to the price point. They also seem to have a bit of a noise cancelling effect which I honestly don't know if they are meant to or not but it is quite nice to have as if I have them in for a specific reason like to be able to focus on something a bit more the noise cancelling just drowns out all the extra background noise and helps add that focus. It is a bit of a nightmare though if I have them in at home poor Liam can sometimes be trying to talk to me and I am totally clueless for a long period of time but these are going to be really handy as I progress with other little projects I am working on.  

The only issue I have had so far isn't really an issue but is more of a gripe, the earphones are just so sensitive to touch and there has been plenty of times where I have gone to put them in the case and turned them back on. You have to be very careful where you touch when you are putting them away and to be honest I have come up with my own little way to combat the situation. Once you get used to it though there is no issue at all and the other controls are really easy to use even whilst they are in your ears. 

I was a bit worried that these earphones would be like others I had in the past and just constantly be falling out of my ears however, I haven't had that issue with them once and they are basically the perfect fit. They sit nicely in my ear and are very comfortable as they fit the shape well. I have even worn these for working out and to my surprise even whilst jumping and just generally moving a lot they haven't fallen out and the lack of wire means they don't get in the way so I have more time to focus on working out rather than picking my earphones up. 

Finally they are super easy to connect to a variety of my devices. The only two I really use them on is my iPhone 11 and my Macbook pro but they are connected within seconds and I have had no issues of them losing connection whilst they have been in use which is great as I don't have to worry about others know I am listening to the Camp Rock soundtrack whilst I blog. I can easily switch between the devices too which is great if I am just loading up my Macbook but already listening to something through them on my phone. 

These are a fantastic pair of earphones that I would definitely recommend if like me you can't justify the price of a pair of Airpods. I am really glad my parents got me these as not having to worry about untangling wires has been fantastic and I am using earphones more often now due to their ease of use. It has saved me a fortune now I don't need the Airpods I had been looking at and the fact the case is personalised with a cartoon me and my name just gives it that fantastic personal touch too so they were the perfect gift. 

Due to using these I am listening to so much more music and I am even listening to a lot of podcasts these days and I am currently on the look out for new ones to listen to so let me know of any good podcasts out there that I should listen to. 

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