What We Are Playing (6th August)

 The weekend is here once more and it is hopefully going to be a pretty relaxed one for us both minus some housework that needs doing other than those jobs that need doing hopefully we can just sit and play some games. We definitely have plenty to be playing and for a change there are going to be some new games featuring this weekend. So here is what we are hoping to play...

I managed to start Super Lucky's Tale during the week and so far so good although it is going to be a game I jump in and out of rather that sitting and binge playing it, fingers crossed I can make a bit more progress on the game this weekend though. I also made a start on Scribblenauts Unlimited on the PC so no doubt I will be jumping back into that too. Other than playing those two games I am planning on starting Mile Morales at long last as it is a game I couldn't wait to play originally but I keep putting it on the back burner so it is time I made a start, fingers crossed I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the PS4 Spider-Man game. 

To be honest my gaming motivation has been disappearing this week but I am hoping over the weekend it starts to return. If I do play anything it is more than likely going to be Football Manager as that is the game I am enjoying playing the most at the moment. I have started playing a bit more XCOM 2 lately as well so who knows I could even end up playing a bit of that too. 

We have both started a co-op game of Gears of War Ultimate throughout the week too so if we both have a bit of downtime together we might even end up playing a bit more of that which should be fun. It is just going to be nice to have a bit more of a relaxed weekend and I will be staying away from the blog as much as possible to just enjoy gaming once more.Let's hope we get our jobs done quickly so we have a lot of gaming time.

What are you playing this weekend? 

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