Recent Achievements 2021 #5

Well I guess this post goes to show just how little I have been gaming lately. Time hasn't been on my side lately and I have ended up spending more time either blogging or going out or working on my weight loss journey the past few months. Plus with everything now opening up after the past year or so being locked down I have wanted to get out and about to make the most of the lost time with family etc. 

All this has meant that gaming has honestly been the last thing on my mind but to be honest I have missed those nights just curled up on the sofa bed playing a game. I don't think summer helps for me either as the games room gets far too warm so I want to spend less and less time in there. I am also falling out of love with how the games room looks which doesn't help either as I am always picking faults in it rather than just getting on gaming but fingers crossed we can get this redone soon to a standard I am happy with, so be prepared to see a games room transformation post one day soon.

I have managed to sit and play a few games though and I have even started some new games that have been sat in my backlog for far too long which has been great as I am very, very slowly chipping away at my backlog at long last, I am nowhere near beating my challenge for the year but fingers crossed as the darker and colder nights start to roll in I can have more evenings just in front of the TV playing the games I have been neglecting.

So in terms of trophies and achievements this month honestly I am lacking granted I don't go purposely go hunting for them and just stumble across them as I play the games but thanks to not playing much I have even less than normal. This time around I have only gained 5 achievements during my current play-through of Super Lucky's Tale. This game has been easy to pick up achievements for so far so I think you might see this one in the next installment of recent achievements too. I have only played a little bit of this game so far but I am enjoying just jumping in and out of it. Who knows I might get close to unlocking all the achievements on this one if it isn't too difficult but for now I will just keep aiming to roll the credits. 

It has definitely been a few slow months for gaming so fingers crossed by the next time I am doing this post I have a whole lot more to talk about as I am certainly missing my gaming time and I do want to push to get a lot more complete by the end of the year as I have been majorly slacking. 

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