The Original Switch vs The Switch Lite

I remember being so excited when Liam treated us to the Nintendo Switch back in 2018 however, that excitement wore off over time for a various number of reasons, plus the main reason we got the console was so we could play games when we went away but 2020 changed all that and we ended up stuck indoors and I barely found myself reaching for the Switch as I was constantly near the PlayStation and Xbox so I just stuck to playing them. This year though I caved and treated myself to the Switch Lite for a number of reasons but mainly because the world is starting to open up a bit more so now me and Liam have a Switch each for if we do go away. 

It is safe to say I have noticed various differences throughout my time with our original Switch and the Switch Lite so today's post is going to be a bit of an original vs lite post where I look at my experiences with both the consoles and work out which I prefer to use, so here we go...

My biggest issue with the original Switch was just how heavy it felt in handheld mode. I couldn't play for a long period of time due to it hurting my wrists thanks to its weight and it just didn't make my gaming experience enjoyable. However, the Switch Lite is just as its name says 'Lite' so I can game for a whole lot longer with no pain in my wrists and can really enjoy my game instead of worrying about how long the pain will last after, it is definitely helping me get through more of my Switch games. The Lite also just feels much more comfortable in my hand too and not like I am stretching my fingers to reach all the buttons, as someone with small hands this is great as holding it just feels a whole lot more comfortable. 

In terms of battery life I really can't fault either of these as they both seem to have really good battery life and I aren't having to charge them half as much as I would have expected to which is great as it gives me hope that it would have a long life if I went away and was either on a long journey or forgot my charger. I guess the added bonus with the original switch though is if you have it docked it is always going to be charging meaning you don't really have an excuse for it dying during a gaming session, I did keep forgetting to put ours on the dock though so it does get a little close at time but luckily whenever I am playing on this one it is mainly docked and I am playing on the TV. 

The Switch Lite is definitely more suited to me as it is more for single player games which to be honest is all I really like playing so I feel it is worth the purchase for me as I can play some Nintendo exclusive single player games if I like and be comfortable as I do so. I would definitely rather sit and play games on my own these than with anyone else so I am more than happy just to stick to the Switch Lite. The original Switch though is absolutely fantastic for Multiplayer games due to you being able to detach the Joy-Cons, me and Liam spent hours in lock down playing moving out on the Switch and it was so fun. If you know you and your family are going to be playing a lot of games together I would definitely recommend the original Switch as it is fun for all ages and thanks to the stand on the back of the screen you can play multiplayer anywhere. The original Switch is great if you like your fitness games too with games available such as Ringfit and Fitness Boxing. I am yet to buy Ringfit but I currently have the Fitness Boxing game and it is fantastic due to it giving you a real work out and teaches you a bit about boxing too. I recently started going boxing once a week and this game is the perfect accompaniment to the classes and playing it actually takes me back to the Wii games due to the feel of the game.
Unfortunately I have suffered the dreaded Joy-Con drift with the original Switch which drove me mad and stopped me playing it for a while as it was causing issues in the games I was playing with me falling off ledges etc. Luckily I haven't had the same issues with my Switch Lite and it has actually been really nice to play a game and go in the direction I actually want to go in with no issues. The Joy-Con issues really did put me off playing the console a lot so for me to now have another way to play is great and who knows I might finally complete the Spongebob game now. 

The original Switch was definitely a great step into the world of the Nintendo Switch but I feel for my needs the Switch Lite is just so much more beneficial. Yes the Lite might have a much smaller screen but I really don't mind as it is still big enough for me to see everything I need to plus it is still a great screen so the graphics still look fantastic. Plus I think it is fantastic how you get all the different colour options even though it did take me forever to decide what colour I actually wanted. In the end I went for the turquoise one and it looks fantastic but honestly there is a colourway for everyone. 

Overall I much prefer the switch Lite and I know that now I have this console that I like a lot and can have longer gaming sessions with I am going to be playing Nintendo games a whole lot more. I can see me actually see me being happy to sit and spend hours trying out a variety of new games too as it is so easy to use, lasts for ages and I can just pick it up if I have a spare half hour. I think it is safe to say the Switch Lite will be going away with me a lot, in fact any trip I am planning on going on this is going to be one of the first items I pack I think as it will be used in any free time and on those long journeys. Fingers crossed I get to go away a fair bit so I can power on through some of the games I already own and some I would love to own. I think the Switch Lite could easily be most used console in 2021 if everything goes to plan. 

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