How Am I Finding The Switch Lite 3 Months Later

I can't believe it has already been 3 month (well a little bit longer) since I picked up my Switch Lite. It is safe to say that I wish I had got one sooner though as it has changed my opinion on handheld gaming once more. It took me a long time to finally take the plunge and get the Lite as we already had the Switch with red and blue Joy-Cons since 2018 and it wasn't getting much use. But I wanted the Lite as the other Switch was too heavy for me plus it means when me and Liam go away it means we have one each now so can game together and not fight over who is playing it. 

The first thing I have noticed is that the Switch Lite is much thinner than my original one which means it is easier for me to hold with my stupidly small hands. With it being thinner I can get my hands around it nicely and aren't stretching to reach any buttons or triggers which is great. It just feels more comfortable and natural than the other Switch which makes the gaming experience a whole lot more enjoyable. It is also really lightweight so I can play on it for longer, with my original Switch it was too heavy and after an hour or so of playing handheld my wrists would hurt however, this one is spot on in its weight meaning I can game for hours on end. It is just much easier to play on due to the weight and how thin it is meaning I am getting much more use out of it. 

I was worried I wouldn't enjoy it as much as the other Switch due to the screen looking a bit smaller and my eyes not being their best lately however, I haven't had any issues with this and to be honest I will admit I probably prefer it over the original Switch as I am more focused on it in a strange way. The quality of the screen looks great too so there is no compromise on there for me. I have noticed I don't actually have to charge the Lite very often either and it holds its battery really well. It is nice not having to worry about it dying too soon when I am having a good gaming session as I can just focus on what I am playing, although I do still click save a lot just to be on the safe side, I have lost too much progress over the years by not doing this. I know that as it stands I can go on a long journey and get plenty of hours of play out of the Lite without having to worry about having to charge it half way through. The original Switch suffered from the dreaded Joy-Con drift but luckily so far I haven't had any issues with the Lite and I am loving the fact I am always heading in the direction I want to rather than falling off things and dying down to no fault of my own.

One of the hardest parts of purchasing the Switch Lite was deciding which colour to get in the end I settled for the turquoise one and I am still loving the colour of it 3 months on which to me is a sign that I made the correct colour choice. There is literally a colour out there for everyone and it is actually a really tough choice as they all look great. 

I am so glad I picked up this console as it has really got me back into playing the Switch and I have even gone and bought some new games to play on it which I had previously been putting off due to not having a good time with the original Switch. It is really nice to actually look forward to playing on the Switch these days as before I purchased that it was a platform I neglected and I have missed out on a whole host of games due to this but now it is time to get caught up and play all those games I have been putting off. Mario games I am looking at you. 

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