What Is Currently In Our Camera Bag (2021)

Things have finally opened back up here in the UK after lockdown restrictions have finally started lifting and it has been great as it means we can get out and about a whole lot more. It means we can finally get back to the football and get content for our football blog and even go out and capture images for other things too. After a while away from doing this I almost forgot what we actually needed to take on our first football match back and was frantically running around trying to remember what we needed and ensuring we didn't get anything. 

Luckily a selection of the items were already in the bag as I hadn't used them since the last game we went to so I knew exactly where those items were and I didn't actually have that many other items to add due to us only going to the football. The photography aspect is something I want to improve on for all my blogs and hopefully you will see that over the coming months so this bag is hopefully going to have plenty of future outings. 

The bag we currently use is just a cheap one from Amazon but it has held up well since we purchased it for around £20 at the end of 2019, but then again it hasn't been used too much due to the pandemic. 

This bag has a buckle on the shoulder straps for you to fasten across your chest if you wish, a large section for your equipment where you can make the compartments which ever size you need, a mesh pocket alongside a separate small zip pocket on the from and a space to attach your tripod so you aren't having to carry that around desperately. It also came with a waterproof cover that can be put over the bag to provide that bit of extra protection  

Inside the actual bag we don't have too much. We just have our Canon 400D camera which I absolutely love to use and I know Liam likes using this too. We then have our two camera lenses we have the EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IIII lens and the EF 75-300mm F/4-5.6 III lens which both get used pretty often and are actually great quality. I also have my hand warmer in here for the cold evening football games which is a definite essential. Other than that all I have in here is my tech organiser where all my little accessories are kept. 

 In my tech bag I tend to only keep the bare essentials so that I aren't adding any extra unnecessary weight to the bag. I keep a wireless charger, my hard drive, spare memory cards and lightening to SD dongle in here for the trips to the football. But as I start to go to other events I am sure this will change and more items will need to be added especially if we have other bits like the laptop out with us. These items in here now are just simple and easy to use and help with our content so it does the trick but I want to upgrade some of these bits over the near future.  

I am sure over the next few months and years I will be adding even more items to this bag as I go to more events and create even more content and gain more accessories however, for now this will do. I would love a new bag though that doesn't look as bulky and looks a bit more stylish but that might be a bit further down the line as we start to use it more. I would also love some more camera equipment but again this is definitely going to be a while away as that is going to be a bit of an investment. 

This is definitely a basic camera bag at the moment when you compare it to others and it definitely needs some additions which may happen for soon but for now it does exactly what it needs. I can't wait to update this post possibly yearly as changes happen as it is going to be great to look back on how things have changed. What do you keep in your camera bag? 

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