What We Are Playing (10th September)


Where has this week gone? Things have just been that busy I don't seem to have had two spare minutes which I guess is good but at the same time I just want a chance to relax. I am hoping that this weekend is the weekend where I can start to slow down and have more time to relax again. Friday and Saturday are going to be a bit busy as I will be getting ready for my birthday party and then Saturday is my actual party with family which I am really looking forward to. But any free time I have will be spent either on the PS5 or Xbox Series X as my gaming love is coming back and I just want to tackle more of this backlog. So here is what I am planning on playing this weekend...


Sunday is going to be my main gaming day as no doubt I will be suffering from a bit of a hangover, but I am hoping to get a bit of gaming time in on Friday too. I will be making even more progress through Spider Man Miles Morales as I am absolutely loving this game so far. If I do fancy a change though I will probably swap over to Super Lucky's Tales as I am still slowly making my way through it and want to try get it finished soon. 


With the party on Saturday that will mean a little less time gaming but when I do get the chance I will jumping straight onto Football Manager to continue my season as I am really enjoying it still and it is a nice steady paced game just to pass time. Other than that I don't really plan on playing too much but if I get the chance I might see if Lucy fancies playing through a bit more Gears of War Ultimate as it would be nice for us to sit and play together for a bit.

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to play this weekend. Fingers crossed we get plenty of time to sit and play some games and make some good progress through what we are playing. What do you plan on playing this weekend? 

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