What We Are Playing (17th September)


Remember when I said that life was going to slow down after my birthday... well one week on and that definitely hasn't been the case. In fact it has been just as busy if not as busier than before and I am now I just waiting for that break for everything to slow down which is hopefully coming soon so that I have more time to sit and play some games. It is going to be a busy weekend for one of us with jobs to do in the house, a football game and a rugby game to attend along with a lot of blogging that needs sorting. Fingers crossed though at some point this weekend we both get time to sit down and play a bit more of the games we want to play rather than it just being taken up doing housework etc. So here is what we are hoping to play...


I have a pretty busy weekend and have a fair few things I need to priorities before I can sit down and play some games. I am hoping that I do get some free time though so I can make a bit more progress in Spider Man Miles Morales as I still have a fair bit of that to get through. If I get the chance I would also love to play a little bit more Super Lucky's Tale as I still have a lot of that to play too. 


It is just going to be an extension of the week for me really in terms of gaming. I have spent a lot of time on Football Manager throughout the week and I will be carrying this on into the weekend as I just can't get enough of the game. I am also looking at jumping back into World of Warcraft for a bit this week as it seems to have been a while since I last played this. 

So there you have it those are the games we are hoping to play this weekend. Fingers crossed we can sit down and play some games but I guess adult life has to come first some times. What are you hoping to play this weekend? 

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