The Top 5 PlayStation Games I Have Complete...

 For ages I just wouldn't really be interesting in completing games by rolling the credits however, over the past few years that has definitely changed. Before I wouldn't be bothered due to something new coming along and taking my attention away from what I was previously playing and it was a vicious cycle as the same process would just repeat itself over and over so now I have a huge backlog I am trying to work my way through. As I am working my way through the backlog though I am noticing some hidden gems alongside games that I honestly should never have bought. Over recent years I have also spent a whole lot more time on my PlayStation over other consoles and I have played some games that have left me amused and with lasting memories which hadn't happened to me in games previously due to me never making it to the end. So here are my top 5 completed PlayStation games so far... 

First up we have one of my most recently completed games which I went into without any hopes and it certainly surprised me. I got this game for free when I purchased my PS5 and honestly I only got it due to it being free but once I got playing it I loved it. Bugsnax is a funny game that had me laughing throughout however, it did get pretty stressful at times when trying to catch some of the Snax. I am really glad that I gave this game a go so thank you PlayStation for offering it for free or I would probably have missed out. If you get the chance I would definitely recommend giving this game a go, you can read my full review here

Detroit Become Human is the game that really kick started me completing games for a change as I got absolutely hooked on this one. This game I actually didn't want to end as I was loving it that much and every second was enjoyable. This game really got me thinking about the choice I made which made a nice change as I normally just rush through them. I actually found myself rushing home from work to play this too which normally only happens with FIFA games. You can find my full review of this game here. Who knows one day when my backlog has calmed down a bit I might go back and try get all the different endings on this game but for now I will just keep those fond memories from my first play through. 

Simpsons Hit & Run is one of those games that always stands out in my mind and is one of those games I would happily set the PS2 back up for as it had me hooked as a kid. The game was one I loved sitting and playing after school or football/rugby training as I was hooked and I absolutely loved the Simpsons anyway. I still have my fingers crossed for a remaster of this game as I would love to go back and complete it again on this generation of consoles and all their power but for now I will just keep dreaming of it. This game really was a treat to play and is one of my favourite Simpsons games alongside Simpsons Skateboarding. 

Another game that I got free with the PS5 has made it onto the list and that game is Astro's Playroom. This was a nice quick game that really showcased the PS5's ability and was really fun to play through at the same time. I will be honest I wasn't actually going to play this one as I wasn't too sure at first but my play through was heavily influenced by the reactions I was seeing on social media. This game is only short but it is really fun and looking for the easter eggs from different games is great too as there are some great franchises hidden in there. You can read my full review of the game here

Finally we have Spider-Man on the PS4, just like with Detroit Become Human I was absolutely hooked on this game and I was rushing home to play it daily. The game was so fun swinging through the City and using the combat system to defeat your enemies. I was worried when I got this game that it wouldn't live up to my expectations and that the combat would actually end up stressing me out a bit but it did the opposite, I loved the combat in the game and the game overall exceeded my expectations. This is definitely one of my favourite Spider-Man games although I am currently playing through Miles Morales and that might just end up over taking it. You can read my full review of the game here.

Make sure to keep an eye on the blog as I really do believe that as this blog continues there are going to be plenty of changes to this list over the years as I experience more and more games whilst also finally making sure to roll the credits on those games. I already have a sneaky feeling some of the games in my backlog might eventually land a place on this list but I guess only time will tell so keep checking back. 

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