6 Month With The Nintendo Switch Lite


How has it already been over 6 month since I finally took the leap and purchased my Nintendo Switch Lite and to be honest although I still haven't played it half as much as I should have by now I am still absolutely loving the purchase. Unfortunately it is always the Switch that gets neglected the most for me as if I am sat at home I would much rather be playing on the PS5 or Xbox Series X, I could very easily play on the Switch a lot more but with those other consoles I can't just pick them up and move around them so I prefer to save the Switch for when I am out of the house. So far I have been on one holiday and I managed to take this with me and I actually managed to make some progress on Let's Go Pikachu at long last. It was nice just been able to jump in and out of games still whilst I was away and it actually got me used to the Switch Lite a little bit more. 

It still surprises me just how light this console actually is compared to the original Switch that I was previously using, it just makes gaming in hand held mode so much easier and much more enjoyable as I aren't having to worry about wrist pain anymore and can play for a longer period of time. What also surprised me is the fact that I was playing this on our long weekend away and I didn't actually have to charge it, the battery life held really well, granted I didn't play it as much as I would have hoped but I did forget to switch it off a few times and I did put quite a few hours gaming into it so to say it didn't need an extra charge is great.

 My two year nephew has certainly taken a liking to this console and even his hands haven't left any marks on the console which is great nad he sat with it for ages without saying it was heavy, I think one of these might be an investment for him as he gets a bit older as he is always asking to see mine and Sonic plus with the weight of the console it will be perfect for his little hands. I also think this is the longest I have gone without dropping a tech item, 6 months and not a single scratch that really has to be a record for me, the one thing I do need to start remembering though is where I leave it after using it as I have managed to miss placed it a fair few times.  

So far at just over 6 months into owning the consoles I have had no issues at all which is brilliant and makes a nice change as with the original Switch we had I had quite a few issues especially when it came to the Joy-Cons. I am really impressed with how things are going with this Switch and I can see it being around for a very long time, if I don't lose it or break it. I am still struggling to get over how cheap it actually was to say it came with Animal Crossing, this is definitely a gateway to gaming for young people or those who are more casual gamers. 

You may remember me saying in the past that I struggled to pick what colour I wanted as there were so many great options but I can happily say 6 month on I am still loving the colour of the console so clearly I made the right choice. I will admit though in recent weeks I have been very tempted by the new OLED Switch due to the colour of it and the quality of the screen but after just 10 minutes of being with the Lite I remember that is what I am more suited to and I really don't need another Switch in the house. 

Now I have found the motivation and time to game a bit more I want to start using the Switch a whole lot more and there are going to be a few factors that can help me with that. One factor is that we are getting the games room redone very soon so consoles will either be packed away or set up downstairs. If this case is packing them away then I will just pick up my Switch rather than unpacking something else so that I can finally make my way through those games I have been neglecting. Another factor is the fact I am spending more time lounging around with the TV on in the background whilst I scroll on my phone for no reason what so ever so maybe I can swap the phone for my Switch and get some extra gaming time in. 

Fingers crossed with this new found gaming motivation and free time I can finally start to progress through some of the Switch games we already own, although we have still kept that down to a very small selection for now. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to buy a few more games for the Switch as I am really wanting to pick up a Mario game as it has been a very long time since I have played one of those. 

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