Our Plans For Updating The Games Room

When we moved into our house over 3 years ago now the room we definitely rushed was the games room. This room is the one we wanted to finish the most so we simply painted over holes in the walls and set things up, we didn't consider the furniture we put in the room and to be honest I just have never been happy with it. It has always felt rushed and just nothing like I imagined it but now the loft is sorted we have decided to rework our way around the house to get every room redecorated and looking exactly how we want it. We have said we are going to start at the top and make our way back down so the first room to get a complete makeover is the games room at long last. So here is the plan for the games room area by area...

First up we have the console area which is by far the worst at the moment as it is just so cluttered with excess games, consoles that don't get used plus that huge TV unit really does drive me mad. This are is basically the feature wall area so it is going to be painted navy blue and the TV is going to be hung on the wall. Under the TV will be a nice slim TV unit with the PS5 and Xbox Series X on top with a few other important accessories. Then any cabinet space will be used to games, controllers and other accessories that are better hidden away. The really tall bookcases will also be going and they will be replaced by possibly 2 smaller ones either side of the TV unit just hold any excess games, figures or any books we might want to keep up here in this room. I am determined to keep this room looking nice and clean and tidy rather than it looking far too cluttered. This is where I spent most of my time looking due to me mainly playing the consoles so I want this area looking perfect. 

My desk area has already changed since this image as I have a gaming chair now and a lighter desk but there are more changes to be made, the shelf has also gone and the whiteboard is soon to follow. I just don't use the whiteboard anymore due to me using the spare room as an office area now so I am going to replace this with my Demi Lovato poster I think and get rid of some of the bits on the chimney breast. This is a really tight area so I just want to keep it as tidy and have as much free space as possible. 

I don't think Liam is planning on changing much here in his corner but I really want to try convince him to get a lighter coloured desk to fit with the rest of the room and just for him to tidy up this area a bit. Between our desk we have a bit of space too which I would love to have a mini fridge in filled with drinks however, I definitely need to sit and discuss this part with Liam. The remaining walls in this room will be a nice light grey colour so lets hope they can keep them nice and clean too. Our shelves around the top of the wall will be getting painted navy blue to match the feature wall and I am looking forward to how they turn out. These shelves have become a bit cluttered lately so we will be having a bit of a tidy up on those too. The walls are going to have different pictures on that we already have but again I have realised we don't need to fill every inch of those walls anymore. 

We are going to be getting a much comfier sofa bed for in this room so that I can spend longer sitting and playing on the consoles. SO this area at the side of the sofa bed is also going to change just by being tidied up with the soft toys finding other homes and boxes going into storage. I am hoping that this area is just going to be a little spot for our bedding to be in so that I can just reach over and grab it if I am getting a bit colder as I am playing my games. We also have some plastic drawers in the room at the moment filled with stationary, tech accessories and honestly just junk so I want to sort these out and get rid of them from the room and if needed replacing with something a bit nicer. 

Now we are booked in for the room plastering and am currently sorting out someone to come decorate it for us. But for me it is now time for my favourite part, shopping for the room. I am definitely putting a lot more thought into what we buy this time around though so we can have it like that for years to come. So here is what I am on the hunt for... 

TV wall bracket 

Sofa Bed 

TV Unit

Bookcase (s) 


Poster Frames 

Any other accessories like cushions, blankets

It is safe to say I have got plenty of ideas in mind for this room and I can't wait to see it all start to come together. With this room being the one we use the most in house it is about time it got the attention it deserved in terms of decorating and I think it is safe to say a lot of the winter is going to be spent hibernating in here when it is complete. Now I just need to start buying bits and pieces for it and get it ready for the work to start. 

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