What Gaming & Tech Items I Would Love To Receive This Christmas

How it is almost Christmas I really don't know, it feels like just two minutes ago 2021 was starting and now we are very quickly approaching the end of the year. To be honest 2021 has been a pretty good year in terms of a lot of things however, due to us getting things done in the house I haven't really treated myself to some items that I have really wanted for a while. Don't get me wrong I have treated myself with the Series X & Switch Lite but there has been other items I have really put off getting. As Christmas approaches I am constantly asked what I want gift wise and honestly I never have an answer as I am always just treating myself to what I want throughout the year. This year though when I start getting asked the question I actually have some responses for a change. This post is a bit of a wish list for the festive period with most of the items being ones I am going to ask family for as they are reasonably priced and will stop them asking me what I want plus there are also a few items I would love to treat myself to as I always make a big purchase towards the end of the year as a gift to myself. So here is what is on my gaming and tech Christmas wish list... 

I am currently slowly playing through Super Lucky's Tale on my Xbox but I would love to pick up a copy of New Super Lucky's Tale for the Nintendo Switch so that I can play the game on the go. I am really enjoying playing this game so to be able to take it on day trips would be great as it would certainly keep me occupied on car journeys. Plus you can pick it up for around £10 now which is a bargain. 

I have had Balan Wonderworld on a few wish lists now and it has really started to drop in price so I am really hoping I can convince someone to pick this up for me for Christmas or I might just end up treating myself to it. This game has had a lot of bad reviews from what I have seen on my social media but I really want to give it a go for myself as I want to make my own mind up on what the game is like. 

Again this game has been on a lot of wish lists lately so I think it is about time I finally got it, again you can get this game for under £20 most of the time lately so I might even end up treating myself to this one. I have said before how I love the villains side of DC and this has the Joker in so for me it is a must play. Plus if a game if for Christmas it doesn't count towards having to wait to be purchased meaning I can get it much sooner.

I have actually asked Liam if I can have Guardians of the Galaxy on the PS5 from him for Christmas. Each year we get each other a new game and last year he got me Miles Morales whilst I got him Watchdogs Legion. This year I have asked for Guardians of the Galaxy as it is a game that I have been interested in since it was announced and the more I see from it the more I want to sit and play it. Fingers crossed I am unwrapping this on Christmas day. 

When I got my Switch Lite earlier in the year I forgot to factor in one necessary purchase for with the console... a case. I don't know why but purchasing a case just totally slipped my mind and still to this day I haven't actually purchased one and have just been stealing Liam's case which means his Switch has been left unprotected. I have been looking for a case for a while now and the one standing out to me the most is this Pikachu one, I still absolutely love Pokemon so this would be the perfect case for me I think plus it isn't too expensive. 

I love buying extra controllers for the Xbox and to be honest with the Xbox One I didn't pick up half as many as I actually wanted to simply due to the amount they cost. However, since it was announced I have had my eye on this brilliant Forza Horizon 5 controller as I just love the colours and overall effect on it. I think this could be an item I treat myself to if I can find one as it is a little on the expensive side but it would be a great addition to the controller collection. 

Now this is the item that I am looking at treating myself to, in previous years I have got myself a camera as a Christmas present and this year I am very tempted to get myself a new iPad as a present to myself. My current iPad is smashed and is that old it will no longer update so an upgrade is definitely due. I don't buy things for the sake of it any more so I would be happy with just the 9th Gen iPad as it does what a Pro would at a fraction of the cost. It would be beneficial for future content too as I could actually use it to help me with content in the future for things such as taking notes at football games and editing images so it would certainly be money well spent. 

To go with the iPad I would also love to treat myself to the 1st Gen Apple Pencil which is compatible with the 9th Gen iPad. This would make not taking and photo editing so much easier plus it could also help reignite my love for drawing as I could happily sit and doodle away on the iPad whilst using this. Again it is a pretty pricey item but the reward from it in terms of content could be great. 

I have loved these cable guys for a while now and with my love for Spider-Man growing I would love to add one of these to our new games room just so it could hold our PS5 controller rather than it just been dumped around the room like it currently is. If we got this it would mean we should always know where the controller is and who knows we could end up liking it and getting a few others for other controllers we own. 

In the games room we currently have the PlayStation lights however, with us redoing the games room I would love to have an Xbox one to go alongside the Xbox console. It would help create a bit of a symetrical design as we would have the PS5 & a PlayStation light and then an Xbox light & the Series X. I just think this would love great in the room and add a little bit more Xbox too it for a change. 

I have had my eye on a Pokemon or gaming related breakfast set for a while now but none has made me want to make a purchase as much as this Pikachu one has. I absolutely love this set as it is simply Pikachu, one of my favourites from the whole Pokemon world. I can just imagine weekend mornings with this by my side as I am playing games up in the games room. I would love to find a similar one to get Liam too as I think they are just brilliant. 

Finally we have this Club Mocchi Sonic plush which I have nearly bought so many times from our local Smyth's Toys. This is a lot bigger than I expected but I could just imagine it sat on the sofa bed in the games room as a bit of an extra decoration and I am sure it could very easily double up as a cushion with the size of it. I think the nephew would really love this too as he is becoming a big Sonic fan. 

So there you have it that is what makes it onto this years gaming and tech Christmas wish list, fingers crossed by next year I own some of these items as they are all great and I think the bits for the games room would look fantastic and the games would provide hours of entertainment. 

What would make it to your Christmas wish list for this year? 

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