What We Are Playing (26th November)


Finally a week with no football and no other major plans so fingers crossed we can get a whole lot more gaming done this weekend at long last. I actually think we are going to have a fair bit of time just to relax with our games this weekend and the change of pace is definitely one I am grateful for. The only thing I do want to do this weekend is get the games room finished at long last, we are so close to being able to move everything back into the room so fingers crossed by Sunday evening the room is going to be close to being complete. I am hoping with a bit of extra gaming time I can get close to completing 1 or 2 more games out of my backlog and really get pushing towards the 10 games complete for the year, I would love to go into December with just the two games to finish to reach my challenge goal. So here is what we are planning on playing this weekend...


I am determined to make a whole lot more progress in Lego Incredibles, I think I could definitely get close to completing this game if not actually completing it and to be honest as it stands I will be glad when it is finally over as so far it isn't gripping me and making me want to push on with making progress. I am also hoping to make a lot more progress in Super Lucky's Tale, I am really taking my time just jumping in and out of the game but I really do feel like just sitting and playing as much of it as possible this weekend to try get closer to the end, I am currently on the second world and I believe there are only 4 worlds so who knows I might actually end up completing it or being close to completing it. I also want to try play the Switch a bit this weekend especially to have either a lazy start to the day or a relaxed evening just before bed, I am determined to get through either a bit more Spongebob or Let's Go Pikachu. 


I honestly don't know what I am going to be playing this weekend, I might play a little bit of FIFA but I am getting a new gaming PC so I think most of my time will be spent getting that set up and some of my favourite games like World of Warcraft & Football Manager installed on it. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, fingers crossed it is a productive one and we can make progress in the game we do play and with getting the games room back as that is going to beneficially not only for gaming but also for having space in the rest of the house again. 

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