The Games I Can't Wait To Pick Up In 2022

Due to my backlog challenge I don't really get to pick up many games as soon as they come out which I guess is a good thing as it does save me a fair bit of money however, throughout the past few years I have missed out on playing some absolutely fantastic games at launch and have just not got around to getting those games in the end. I am determined not to let that happen in 2022 though and I will be going ahead with my backlog challenge (more on that in the new year) but I will be picking up those games that I really want too as I also want to get more reviews up on here for you rather them being hit and miss like they have been previously. So to make sure I am getting the games I really want as I will be making wish lists throughout the year and hopefully the games I end up buying will all be off those so I am getting the games I really want rather ones for the sake of buying a new game. So here are the games due to be released in 2022 (fingers crossed there are no delays) that I would love to pick up as soon as they are released... 

It was Liam who got me into Saints Row games but unfortunately it was towards the end of console generations and I just never headed back to complete them. When I saw that Saints Row was getting a reboot I knew it would be one I wanted to pick up as I really want to give those games a real try rather than starting them and never going back. From what I saw from its reveal I think it is safe to say it is a game I could really enjoy sitting and playing for hours on end. 

A Pokemon game in an open world setting... I am sold. From what I have seen of it so far it really does give me Breath of the Wild vibes which again is sat in the backlog ready to be played. As soon as this was announced I told Liam we would be getting it as we both love Pokemon games and to be honest it has been a while since we have purchased one. I definitely neglect the Nintendo Switch but I think this could easily get me hooked once more. 

It is no secret that I absolutely love Lego games and I love Star Wars even more so I know that as soon as it is released I will be picking up The Skywalker Saga. It has been a while since I have picked up a new Lego game but this one has stood out to me since it was released. The hardest part is going to be deciding what platform I want to purchase it on, do I want to start a Lego Series X collection to continue my streak of buying Lego games for the Xbox or do I get it on the Switch so I can play it on the go? 

The Suicide squad is one of those things I have always loved about DC probably more than any of the other DC characters so when I saw that a game was coming out that focused on them I knew it was going to be one I either purchased myself or asked for when it came to my birthday or Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing more from this game in the build up to its release but I am looking forward to sitting and playing it even more. 

Oh look another DC game and this time it is Gotham Knights, everything I have seen from this game so far has impressed me so I can't wait to sit and play it for myself. I think this is going to be a game both me and Liam enjoy so no doubt there will be small arguments over who is playing it and when. I have kept my expectations realistic with this one so lets hope I enjoy it as much as I am hoping I will. 

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and I have been waiting for this game for so long, I was hoping to have a copy by now but it was inevitably delayed so I am hoping that when I do get it at long last it doesn't disappoint me. I think this game could go either way for me with me being such a Harry Potter fan, it could be absolutely fantastic or it could be a total let down so lets hope that it is on the fantastic side when I finally get to sit and play it. 

These games on this list are definitely ones that I am looking forward to the most and honestly have been since they were first revealed. I really hope that 2022 is the year where I can get back to getting games as soon as they are out and make a whole lot more progress through the backlog as I want to get more reviews up on here and I want to play those games I have been looking forward to as soon as possible. 

What games that are due out in 2022 are you really looking forward to? 

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