12 Months With Wireless Earphones, How Am I Getting On?


It has now been over a year since I got my earphones for Christmas and I will be honest when I first tried them I was impressed and 12 months on my thoughts haven't changed that much and I find myself reaching for these earphones more than any of the other pairs I own as I know I can trust them no matter how long I am going to need to wear them for. 

When I first received these earphones one of the things I loved about them the most was the design on the case. My mum had got us all personalised cases and mine was a cartoon image of myself in a Manchester United shirt, at least we were all going to know who ear pair belonged too. The design was brilliant and even 12 months on from receiving them it is still looking as good as day one as it hasn't scratched or started peeling off which I honestly thought was going to happen. The case looks pretty good in any images it features in too so it is a name prop at times which you will end up seeing more of in 2022. 

With the earphones being wireless and charging by the case I will be 100% honest, I was worried that the battery life wasn't going to be great and I would have to spend more time charging them than actually using them. This really hasn't been the case though and a single full charge can last me a very long time and even on a recent trip away for just a few days I didn't have to charge my earphones at all as that one charge lasted the whole time I was away even though I used them for all the travelling we did those days and when we were just lounging around. It has really surprised me just how long they do last for with that single charge and that is what has really sold me on them as I can happily take them out with a full charge and not worry about them dying on me when I am using them. I don't think I could cope with them dying and Fifth Harmony come blasting out of my device, that would be quite embarrassing. 

The only slight issue I have had with the earphones is that the controls on the side are very sensitive. This hasn't really been a major issue but it has been slightly annoying at times as when I put them in the case I sometimes end up switching them back on or if I need to slightly adjust them in my ears I can end up causing the voice control to active which can get slightly annoying. I have learnt just to be a bit more careful though when putting them away and moving them so that this happens a very small amount of times rather than all the time like it did in the first few months of using them. 

With previous pairs of wireless earphones I have owned I have often struggled with the fit in the ears and they have fallen out or just not felt comfortable but with these ones they seem to be the perfect fit. I can wear these ones for hours and they still feel as comfortable as when I first put them in. Also I have found they don't move or feel lose when I am walking or working out which is always an added bonus as I can just focus on what I am doing rather than having to adjust them every two minutes like I had to with a few other pairs in the past, this definitely helps me focus as my attention is all on what I am doing rather than having to put the earphone back in and mess around with it all the time. I haven't lost them yet either which is a big surprise as I thought I would have lost them a whole host of times by now, this is why I didn't get any original Airpods as I thought I would misplace them too many times but with these it has really surprised me as not once have I lost an earphone or the case in the 12 months I have owned them. I am known for being pretty clumsy and I have actually dropped the case and earphones a few times now, a few more than I would like to, but surprisingly I have no issues from dropping them which is great. There is no damage at all to either the case or the earphones so I guess they are pretty good build quality for nothing to happen to them. 

My ears aren't the best and with most earphones I have to have the volume turned up really high to be able to hear what I am listening to most of the time however, with these I can have the volume turned down a bit and hear everything well which I know is going to benefit my hearing in the long run so these are going to benefit my health in the long run too and I hope this continues as my ears feel so much better for it. Even the audio sounds great on these even at the lower volume everything is nice and clear so I know I am still getting to listen to my music properly even if I am using these rather than a pair that came with my actual iPhone, I know that using these earphones isn't going to effect the quality of what I am listening to. 

With how the world was in 2021 I unfortunately didn't get to use the earphones as much as I would have liked to for the things I would have wanted to use them for but I did get to use them a fair bit and I really enjoyed it when I did use them. I already know though that I am going to be using these a whole lot more in 2022 and they are probably going to become a permanent fixture for me as I will be using them for things such as editing, walking, working out and traveling which I am hopefully going to be a fair bit of as the year progresses. 

I am so glad that I got these earphones and I can't wait to get even more use out of them over the course of this year. 

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