What We Are Playing (14th January 2022)

 I am absolutely loving January as I actually seem to have free time for a change. Normally it is all systems go but I am loving this more relaxed start to the year and it is giving me the perfect chance to catch up on my games and just relax for a change. It has been great just switching off and I have honestly found myself just getting lost in the worlds I am playing in and I feel so much better for having the slower start to the year. So here is what we are hoping to play. 

We have a lot of free time this weekend and I am really hoping to make the most of it by getting stuck into some games at any chance I get. I finished game number 1 of the year last weekend which was Tell Me Why so it is time to start up something new. Liam got me Guardians of the Galaxy for Christmas so I think I am going to make a start on that this weekend and I am probably going to spend a lot of my time on this game. If I do fancy a change though I have also installed Sunset Overdrive on the Series X so I might make a start on that too. I am just going to make the most of the free time this week and get as much gaming done as I can.

It is just going to be another typical weekend of gaming for me as I stick to the games I was playing last weekend too. Of course the majority of the weekend is going to be filled with me playing World of Warcraft because when is it not? I will also be jumping into a bit more Football Manager 2022 as I am still enjoying playing that. I have also really started to enjoy playing Kingdom Come Deliverance too so no doubt I will be jumping in and out of that over the weekend too as we should have plenty of time. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to be playing this weekend, lets hope it all goes to plan and we can play as much as possible this weekend because I have a feeling in the next few weeks life is going to be getting a lot busier. 

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