2022 Book Challenge


I set out at the start of 2021 with every intention to make a dent in my book backlog however, things just didn't go to plan and barely any reading happened which to be honest I am slightly mad at myself for as I know I need to be taking more time to switch off from everything else to give myself a bit of a break. I wanted to spend evenings with a book in my hand for at least an hour before bed so I was away from screens for a change and I hoped that would mean I got a better nights sleep. That didn't happen though and all through 2021 any spare second I had I was in front of a screen working on blog content or trying to catch up on other things. 

 I am determined that 2022 is going to be a lot different though as I know that switching off with a good book is really going to help me and should also help me in a lot of more aspects of life as a break from the screen should make me a bit more productive when I do return to the screen the next day. It should also keep me from getting the constant headaches I have been having recently as I find these are a lot worse when I have been in front of a computer screen for a long time. To be honest though I would just love to sleep a lot better as towards the end of 2021 my sleep pattern got terrible and things really started to suffer thanks to that. 

Growing up I absolutely loved reading and I could easily get through a couple of books each week which was fantastic and I immersed myself into so many different worlds but then I started blogging and gaming more alongside getting more into football and everything became a priority over reading. I would love to get back to the stage I used to be at where I could just pick up a book, get lost in that world for a while and sleep well. I don't think I will ever be at the stage of reading a couple of books a week but even a couple of books a month would be a very good start. It would be amazing if I could get that love for reading back. It is not like I am struggling for options of what to read either as our bookshelves are absolutely filled with brilliant books some have been read and some have been sat waiting for a long time. There are autobiographies of some of my favourite footballers that I still haven't read alongside some fantastic non-fiction books that I have wanted to start for a long time so it is now a case of just making sure I finally start reading them. 

I am going to set myself the challenge of reading 10 books for the year and these can either be autobiographies or non-fiction as I want to make sure I am mixing up what I read rather than sticking to one type of book and getting bored and giving up. I will be over all aiming to read 15 books though as I want to make sure I finish at least 5 graphic novels over the course of the year too as they are starting to pile up now. I will be keeping track of just what I read over on Goodreads so I can rate each book and see what sort of things I am enjoying the most, at least this way if I am really not liking a certain genre I can avoid buying them in the future. 

I aren't going to set myself a specific list of books to complete as I know my mind will change and I could end up getting new books as the year progresses however, some of the books I really do want to read are...

Marcus Rashford

Shoe Dog 

One of us is Lying 

After Love

If I can get there books complete I will be very happy as I have been looking forward to reading these for a while now and I think that I am really going to enjoy them especially Shoe Dog as it is a book about Nike. 

Fingers crossed I can get through at least 6 books and 3 graphic novels but I really do need to learn to switch off so that I aren't getting like I was in 2021, I want to sleep and I want to get away from that screen a whole lot more. Let's hope things go to plan and I can get through plenty of books. 

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  1. I do feel how frustrating it is to lose a habit as you'll find yourself lost. I was just like you when I was younger. I used to drown myself in books and now, I barely touch one as my priorities have changed over time.
    But since the new year, I planned to play fewer video games and start doing my old habits. For now, I only play FIFA 22; which I'm not going to back down since I got lots of cheap FIFA coins lately ;)