The 2022 Backlog Challenge


I can honestly say I enjoyed playing through my backlog in 2021 however, I just didn't seem to be able to stick to the rules of my backlog challenge and I ended up buying quite a few new games throughout the year so I didn't end up clearing the backlog as much as I would have liked. I ended up completing 6 games throughout 2021 and honestly I am quite proud of that as for most of the year I didn't have the motivation to even game and time really wasn't on my side so to still be able to complete 6 games is great for me. 

I am determined to spend a lot more of 2022 relaxing and just playing through my games so I am setting myself the challenge to complete 15 games in 2022. As I am trying to stay in and save much more money I think that I should definitely be able to get through a lot more games that I already have in the backlog and sitting and gaming whilst challenging myself should really help me stay away from the shops which I really need to do if I want some of my other for the goals I have set myself for 2022 to actually happen. I am also hoping to not spend as much time blogging in 2022 and actually switch off for a while which I need to start doing so I don't get burnt out half as much as I previously have. If I stick to this my gaming time should definitely increase and I should hopefully power through the backlog. Looking through my backlog it looks like a lot of the games are averaging between 10 to 20 hours so if I do manage to free up some more gaming time this year I will definitely be able to get through a fair few of these. 

One thing I certainly noticed in 2021 is I seemed to stick to the PlayStation a lot when it came to gaming but I am determined to switch that up a bit this time around and make sure that I am completing games on a variety of different platforms so they aren't getting neglected like they have in the past year. I could definitely have played on the Xbox a whole lot more than I did so that is a big aim for 2022, to make sure that I am playing on it a whole lot more and actually playing the games that I own for it. I definitely need to start playing through my PC backlog too which I started doing well in 2021 but then dropped off from doing so really quickly. 

As I said earlier in 2021 I ended up buying a lot of games and strayed away from the backlog challenge which annoyed me a bit but I really couldn't resist the deals on the games I did buy. I am determined to get back onto the challenge in 2022 though so the rules are back especially now I am trying to save a whole lot more money. So unless I beat 3 games I can not buy any new games myself for the Xbox, PlayStation & PC if I am gifted a new games for my birthday or Christmas that is fine but until I have 3 ticked off I can not personally buy myself a new game. This will certainly help me save money and progress through the games I already own. I have left Switch games off this challenge again this year as I am trying to play this a bit more and still don't have that many games to play so I am happy to add more games to that collection for now, who knows it might get added later on in the year if I buy too many games for it but for now I am happy. 

I won't be outlining the 15 games I would love to complete as I am sure that will change as the year goes on but I will be doing a 4 game road map over on Instagram to show the progress throughout the year and so I can see how well I am doing, this will be updated as each game is complete and will change to the next group I decide on once all 4 are complete. Some of the games I know I definitely want to complete this year though are Sunset Overdrive, Last of Us, Last of Us 2, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy & Tell Me Why as these games are ones that I have been looking forward to playing for quite a long time.  

2021 was great with the games I played and I really enjoyed playing each one that I complete so if 2022 can be taken up a gear and I can push for those 15 games complete I will definitely be happy however, there is no pressure and I just want to enjoy what I have sat on the shelf for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing how much progress I can make during the year and I think 2022 is going to be a good one for gaming. 

How many games do you want to complete in 2022? 

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