What We Are Playing (21st January)


Ah the weekend again and unlike the past few weekends it isn't going to be a quiet one in fact it is going to be quite the opposite. Bradford City Women are at home on Sunday for the first time in what feels like forever so that is my Sunday taken up as after the game will be a case of getting a match report written up and sorting through images and as much as I would love to say Saturday would be a gaming filled day I just don't think it will happen as I really need to get more content sorted out for the football blog & the house needs some jobs doing in it. It is about time I got up to speed with things around the house and football content but it would be very nice to get some gaming done too. Here is what we are hoping to play if we do get the chance... 


I haven't had chance to play anything during the week but I am hoping to have a bit of time to sit down and play something over the weekend. I think I am going to sit and play on the Switch as it has been a while since I last picked that up,  it would definitely be good to get a bit further into Saints Row Re-Elected. I also want to make a start on Guardians of the Galaxy as I still haven't got around to starting that just yet and it is just calling out to be played. 


It is just going to be a typical weekend for me with gaming when I aren't at the football with Lucy. I will of course be playing a whole lot of World of Warcraft because would it really be the weekend if I didn't? I will obviously be jumping into a bit football manager if I get the chance too as I am enjoying my current season on the game. 

So there you go fingers crossed we can get a bit of gaming done over the weekend but unfortunately other things are going to have to be prioritized this weekend which I guess is a good and bad thing when you think about it.  

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