What We Are Playing (28th January)


It is the weekend again and it is safe to say this one has come around very quickly which I am really grateful for. It is looking like a busy weekend as we are at the football on both Saturday and Sunday but as we are just going as fans it means we can enjoy the game, come home and get on with what we want rather than writing match reports. Fingers crossed with us just going as fans we are both going to have a whole lot more time where we can just relax at home and have some time for ourselves for a change. I know any spare time I have is going to be spent playing some games as I have missed them recently as I haven't had much time to play since completing Tell Me Why, let's hope that changes this weekend though. So here is what we are both hoping to play this weekend...


I really want to make a start on my play through of Guardians of the Galaxy as it is ready to go on the PS5, I have been meaning to start this for a while now but thanks to a lack of time I just haven't been able to, this is definitely about to change though as it has been put off far too long. When I aren't planning on playing Guardians I will be trying to show the Switch a bit more love as it has currently started to become neglected again, I am still slowly making progress through Saints Row Re-Elected so I want to try get through a little bit more of that but I also have Pokemon Shining Pearl to make a start on so I might finally get that installed and started too. Who knows there might be a new game being purchased too. 


It is just going to be a typical weekend for me as I spend all my spare time jumping between World of Warcraft and Football Manager as I am just finding these to be my favourite games at the moment. I do have other games I could be starting but for now I aren't going to force myself to play something different for the sake of it. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, fingers crossed things go to plan and we can both spend plenty of hours gaming away for a change and make plenty of progress in the games we are playing. I just know I am going to enjoy the slower paced weekend. 

What are you playing this weekend? 

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