How Have We Found The Xbox Series X After 1 Year Of Owning It...

I can't quite believe we have already owned the Xbox Series X for a whole year, it is safe to say it has absolutely flown by. We didn't originally get the console on launch as we already had the PS5 on pre-order and we were going to wait until late 2021 or even early 2022 to pick up the Xbox however, with the shortages and knowing that we definitely wanted the console we started looking for one towards the end of 2020. Our search wasn't going too well until I was awake at 3.30am one day and saw that our local Argos had stock to collect from 9am, I don't think I have ever made a purchase so fast.

Towards the beginning of the year the Xbox was definitely neglected as we were really enjoying what we were playing on the PS5 but towards the middle of the year I really started playing on the Series X a lot more however, I just never seemed to be able to complete a game as I ended up getting dragged away onto a different game or blogging. It has been so much more enjoyable playing on the Series X than the Xbox One though as so far we have had no issues with the Series X, with the Xbox One we constantly had disk drive errors & crashing but with the Series X it has been plain sailing and there hasn't been a single issue we can simply switch it on and game away with nothing stopping us from doing so. 

It is so much faster in terms of downloads too and what previously took days to install now just takes hours, sometimes even minutes, so I can finally play the bigger games I wanted straight away rather than sitting and waiting around forever, sometimes after waiting for so long I couldn't be bothered to play the game in the end but that issue is now eliminated. Even when it comes to loading the games to play it is so much faster meaning I am getting a whole lot more time to play games rather than sitting and looking at load screens forever, with the limited time I have for gaming lately every seconds counts so these load times are great.  The quick resume feature is another welcomed addition for me as it means I can jump in and out of my game with no messing around and I can pick back up where I left off and just get straight into playing what I was previously with no having to wait for save files to load up. 

When I first saw the Series X images I will be honest I thought it looked ugly and I wasn't too keen on having it sat on the TV unit because as everyone said it looked like a mini fridge or just a big black box. However, since owning this I can honestly say it doesn't look half as bad in person and it actually fits quite nicely on the new TV unit at the side of the PS5. I do like what Xbox have done though by bringing out a mini fridge that just looks like the console, at least they see the funny side to it. Even size wise it isn't too bad and we managed to create the perfect space for it on top of our new TV unit as we wanted it stood up, I have seen a lot of people who have this horizontal and it still looks great that way too. 

Thanks to me growing up with PlayStation's I weren't really a fan of Xbox controllers however, I think I prefer this one to the PS5 one. Granted there aren't many differences to this controller but those few changes they made make all the difference to me. I love the new D pad and how it all feels connected and it just feels easier to use, for me though the thing I love the most is the grip feel on the back of the controller, it just makes it easier to hold for a long period of time and it just feels so much better in hand. I really do think that in 2022 I will be purchasing a controller from the design lab as I have wanted one for a long time but never got around to getting one, I already have the perfect design in mind too so maybe it is time to get it purchased. 

Thanks to me playing on the console more I am finally getting used to the dashboard, it is still confusing when I haven't been on for a while and have played on the PS5 for the majority of the time however, it is definitely getting much easier for me to navigate and I can find what I need a whole lot quicker. 

The Series X is way better than the Xbox One in my opinion and the 3.30am purchase was definitely worth it as it has really brought back my love for the Xbox console and I am planning on using it a whole lot more this year and into the future, games will no longer just be purchased for the PlayStation I will also be building up a Series X game collection to get the most out of the console & I am really looking forward to playing some Xbox exclusive games now I know I can play them with no issues. I am trying to work through my backlog at the moment so I won't be purchasing any new games for a while however, I can't wait to start purchasing more of the Xbox games I have my eye on and who knows I might get around to subscribing to Gamepass in the near future. But for now I will just enjoy playing what I own on the console.

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