What I Have In My Bag On A Day To Day Basis


Now I am back in the office fully and have been for a while I have noticed that everyday my backpack contents seem to be the same. Being back in the office means less time to work on my content during the day so I bring everything to work that I need to create content on my lunchtime as I have realised that every spare minute counts lately to make sure I am achieving everything I want to alongside working towards the goals I have set myself for the year. It is a bit of a nightmare carrying all these items to work each day as the bag does get quite heavy but a the end of the day I would rather carry a heavy bag around than not have the chance to create content. As I say the items in the bag tend to stay the same daily as they are the items that help me out the most when I am creating content so here is what is in my bag daily for my days in the office... 


So most importantly is the bag that I carry it all in. This is a bag I picked up in 2021 but have only just really started using as I was previously using a sports style backpack. This bag was only £3 from Primark in the sale and I love how it is a bit of a smarter look than my previous bag, plus it is a bit bigger so I can actually fit everything in it without having to worry about it not closing properly. I think this could end up being my go to backpack for quite a long time and I am so glad I didn't leave it behind.

Macbook & iPad

Probably the most important item for me to have in my backpack is my Macbook, this is definitely an item I am so glad I purchased as I use this daily. I take it to work so that on my lunch break I can edit & upload any images, work on blog posts or simply check my social media or emails. The Macbook has on it everything I need for a productive break time. The iPad is a bit of a new addition that I am still getting used to but it is great for multitasking alongside using the Macbook and just gives me another option of device to use. My previous iPad is finally gone as it was no longer working and had a broken screen so my dad very kindly gave me his old one to save me a bit of cash, this is going to be used for specific projects though rather than for everything like the Macbook is. 

Notebook & Pen

I might have the Macbook and iPad but I still don't think you can go wrong with a notebook and pen. I currently have a notebook for each blog which is filled with the to do list for the week so whichever blog I know I am going to be working on that day I will add the corresponding notebook into my bag so I know exactly what needs doing and if anything needs adding to it. Having this with me just helps me stay on track. 

Tech Accessories 

I have my tech accessories bag with me everyday as you don't know when you are going to need an accessory especially when it comes to using the Macbook and its lack of ports. In the bag I make sure I have my wireless charger, hard drive, USB sticks & memory cards and any adapters I might need like my phone dongle & USB C drive. This just means I have everything to hand and aren't going to be delayed with what I am working on by not having the right accessory to hand.

Drink & Snacks

I am really trying to increase my water intake at the moment and I am making sure I always have a bottle of water in my bag to help me do this. I feel so much better when I stay hydrated so I tend to take one or two drinks to work with me each day. Of course I have to have a snack or two in my bag too just to help me get through the day, with me being on a health kick it is usually a low calorie bar or protein bar that is in my bag daily. 

Book or Switch

Sometimes if there is nothing that desperately needs doing for the blogs I will through either my Switch or current read into my bag for my break as it is just a nice change of pace and helps me actually get through my backlog of games and books that seem to be forever growing. Sometimes it is just nice to Switch of rather than constantly working and I am enjoying doing this every now and again. 


I am trying my hardest this year to actually wear my glasses as I am sick of the constant headaches I have had thanks to not wearing them. I never really set off to work in my glasses unless I have had a bad headache in the morning so I always make sure that I have a pair of glasses in my bag just in case I need to put them on during the day. Sooner rather than later though I will be just making sure that I have my glasses case in my bag as I will be getting into the routine of wearing my glasses everyday no matter what. 

So there you go that is what I keep in my bag on a day to day basis now that I am back in the office. I am sure as time goes on I will be changing out what is in my bag as habits change or routines alter as projects change. It is so nice though finally having a routine back and having everything I need with me on a daily basis so that I am still being productive like I was when I was furloughed from work so nothing is suffering like before the lock downs when I didn't seem to have time to do anything and the blogs started to suffer, but there is going to be no more of that. All these lunch breaks working on content are fantastic and I am looking forward to posting more on here thanks to those productive breaks. 

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