I Finally Have Razer Products In My Set Up...

Liam always gets the best gifts and Christmas was no different this time around as he helped me finally change my PC set up and make it much more enjoyable to be sat at. When we got the games room done at the end of 2021 I had said about not liking my current PC set up and how I was planning on saving up to make some changes to it to make it look much better than it did and just to make my time sat at the set up a lot easier. The main changes I wanted to make were to the keyboard and mouse as the keyboard was just a cheap one I had for years and I hated the sound of the keys and as for the mouse well that was also a cheap one that kept dragging and wasn't responsive at times. Liam took out the need to save up by surprising me on Christmas day with a keyboard and mouse from the Razer Quartz range something I had mentioned wanting years ago and WOW they are even better in person. I aren't a girly girl by any means but honestly sometimes you just can't beat the colour pink and Razer have done so well with these items as the colour is gorgeous. So here is what I got and how I am finding the products a few month later...

I had been wanting a new mouse for a while so I was really happy when I unwrapped this Razer Viper mouse in the quartz colour. I was originally leaning towards a wireless mouse but Liam managed to convince me that a wireless mouse wasn't the way to go and that it would just end up frustrating me in the long run. To be honest I don't mind the wire on this as it continues the colour theme of the rest of the mouse and doesn't look out of place. 

This mouse has really surprised me with how light it actually is, my previous mouse had a little bit of weight to it but this one is so light in comparison. It glides around my mouse mat with no issues at all and it is really responsive. The mouse itself fits my hand perfectly which is usually an issue as the mouse is usually too big or too small but this one fits just right making my user experience a lot more enjoyable as it is comfortable for a change. The buttons on the side are nicely placed too so I don't find myself catching them but they are easily accessible when I do need to use them. I can see me gaming on my PC a fair bit more now I have a good mouse to use. 

It was the keyboard that I wanted to change the most in my set up as my old one was driving me mad with the sound of the keys and it was just starting to look really worn out. Again I had been leaning towards a wireless keyboard but Liam talked me out of it and I am so glad he did as I ended up with the Razer Blackwidow V3 and I love it. The keyboard matches the mouse perfectly right down to the wire so my set up looks matching for the first time in forever. It looks perfect on my desk and I am wondering why I didn't treat myself to one sooner. 

With my old keyboard the keys were really annoying me with how loud the clicking was and whilst this one can be heard it doesn't sound half as bad and the keys have a quick response time. Plus the RGB looks amazing with the rest of my set up and I can have it back lit any colour I wish. I particularly love the wrist rest you get with this keyboard as it makes the time using it much more comfortable and I feel it has stopped my wrists hurting as much as they used to and it is actually helping with my posture a bit too. I am surprised at how clean I have kept it so far too as it is still nice and shiny like it has just come out of the box. 

This keyboard is just so much better than I expected but a small feature I love that I didn't even expect to use is in the top right of the keyboard. There is a button which I can press to pause whatever I am watching or listening to instantly so I don't have to switch screens which makes it much easier when I am blogging & watching YouTube and Liam wants to talk to me, I can simply click the button stop the video and listen to Liam then simply press it again to resume the video. The scroll at the side is similar but is to control the volume which is perfect these days as some people who I watch on YouTube start talking quietly then music starts and it deafens me, having this means I can carry on what I am doing and just quickly change the volume. 

 It has been a few months of using these items now and I have spent much more time at my PC as I really enjoy the keyboard and the mouse & the look it gives my set up but now I think I need to pick up the headset to match as the black of my Steelseries just looks out of place. I am so glad I have these as they have definitely made my set up that bit better and a much enjoyable space to be in. Now it is just time to change a few more things and the set up will be perfect. 

Have you got any Razer products? If so what do you think to them?

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