What We Are Playing (4th March)

How is it the weekend already? But a better question, how is it March already? This year is definitely flying by and we are now into a pretty busy month for us here at TNG Games, content to do is building up but outside of the content side of things we have a fair bit going on, including finally going to see Stormzy. 90% of the weekends this month are going to be really busy so gaming is going to have to be done during the week or any spare minutes we have but I am determined to make a few hours each weekend available for just sitting down and playing my games. This weekend though is definitely going to be a very busy one with football on Saturday & Sunday with a shopping trip also required so I think most gaming is going to take place on Friday evening and Saturday evening seen as that is looking like when we will have the most spare time. Here is what we are hoping to play... 


With how much content I need to create this weekend I am going to be keeping it simple and sticking to just the one game this weekend. I know that I will be lucky to be able to have anytime on my games this weekend so I want any time I do have to be spent playing Guardians of the Galaxy as I miss playing this and really want to make some more progress in it. Fingers crossed I can have a few hours on this. 


Unlike Lucy I don't have content to create all weekend just football and shopping to do so any spare time I have I will be making the most of it and crack on with my games. I will of course be playing plenty of World of Warcraft and Football Manager over the weekend but whilst Lucy isn't on the PS5 I will be playing through a bit more Far Cry 6 as I am still really enjoying that. 

With the busy weekends starting to approach let's just hope we can both have plenty of time playing the games we want to and actually have sometime to just switch off and relax as every moment of free time is going to count this month and is going to be much needed. Now let's get all those items on the to do list ticked off and get some games played. 

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