March 2022 Favourites

March has been a bit of a crazy month, it started off pretty slow then really picked up pace in the middle of the month but luckily slowed down at the end thanks to me having my surgery. To be honest I am pretty grateful that it slowed down as the rest was definitely needed even if I did end up bored stupid for most of the time I was recovering. So with it being a busy month there were plenty of new favourites and rediscoveries so here is what made the cut for my overall favourites of the month... 

Film & TV

Grey's Anatomy

 I am almost all caught up now with Grey's Anatomy and I am still absolutely loving the show and to be honest I will be a bit gutted when I am fully caught up as this show has taken up so much of my time I haven't watched much else. The show is catching up to modern day and they are taking on topics such as the pandemic really well. I just don't want it to end really though I am enjoying binge watching it.  



Finally after a two year wait we finally got to see Stormzy and what a night it was, it was an absolutely fantastic show and was well worth the wait. Thanks to how good the show was Stormzy has taken up 99% of my listening time throughout March and I really can't complain as all his music is absolutely amazing. I don't think I will be stopping listening to him anytime soon either. 


Ring Light

 Finally now the spare room has been converted I have started making some investments to help level up my content across all my blogs and for future projects. One of my favourite pick ups for this though is my ring light which makes such a difference to my content already and I can't wait to keep using it, to say I didn't spend a fortune on it I am definitely impressed. 


Guardians of the Galaxy 

Gaming has been hit and miss recently due to time being taken up elsewhere however, as the month began to slow down I ended up finally completing my second game of the year which was Guardians of the Galaxy. This game was absolutely fantastic and I loved every second of playing it. I didn't expect the game to be as good as it actually was but I am so glad Liam got me it for Christmas. It has made me want to watch the films again though so that might be on the list for April.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of March. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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