Life Is Strange True Colours PS5

As soon as I saw that another instalment of the Life is Strange franchise was being released I just knew I would be purchasing it and playing it thanks to my love of Life is Strange and before the storm, even if I haven't played 2 yet the trailer for True Colors stood right out to me and it was the top of my gaming wish list. Luckily enough for me though the game was actually released the day after my birthday so Liam got me this as a gift. I had to wait a bit longer to play the game though as I was still working my way through some backlog games but honestly the wait was definitely worth it with this game as with it being my sole focus there were no distractions and I could really immerse myself into the game without playing through something else at the same time. 

As I said earlier I absolutely loved the first game and before the storm as their story lines really gripped me and I wanted the best possible outcome for the characters I grew so attached to in the game. True Colors follow Alex who has moved to a new town to be with her brother however, she ends up investigating his death and you follow her journey as she deals with her secret of feeling other peoples feeling if she concentrates hard enough, which happens at various crucial points in the game. 

I absolutely love these types of games where your choices have consequences and have an overall effect on the game itself, I just end up so immersed in the game and find myself enjoy it more than other genres. I was that immersed I found myself getting up early to play this and staying up a whole lot later than usual as I just didn't want to put the controller down. The game play just seemed to fly by though and I soon reached the end, it must be the fastest I have played a game in a long time normally I just jump in and out so a game can take me a month however, this one was complete in about a week just down to how busy I was but I honestly could have done it in a couple of days if I had a few extra spare hours. With this game there is definitely a fair bit of sitting around just watching events unfold but this is one of the reasons I love this type of game as I feel like I don't have to do too much and be as alert as with some other games such as first person shooters, I definitely prefer the slower pace of games like this. 

I played this game on the PS5 and was amazed by the quality of the graphics in this game, the whole setting looked absolutely beautiful and the details were brilliant throughout the full play through. This is actually the first Life is Strange game that I haven't played on PC and to be honest I can't wait for the remastered version of the first instalment to come out as I think that the quality is going to be amazing. 
Once again the game has absolutely killed it with the soundtrack of this game and for the first time in the long time I didn't end up playing my own music whilst I played the game. There were barely any load times so I was straight into the game rather than spending forever waiting around which has happened when playing the first one on the PC before. Just like with the previous games the controls are nice and basic once again whilst being really easy to remember so if I didn't play the game for a few days or played something else in between I could still jump straight back in to True Colors and not have to worry about needing to refresh myself on what button did what. 

I absolutely loved the new characters and their personalities but I think my favourite had to be Steph, she was such a big part of the story and you really ended up connecting with the character throughout your time in the game, I still don't think any character will ever beat Chloe though she was just a fantastic character. I will definitely be purchasing the DLC which follows Steph's story once my backlog has cleared a bit more as it looks really interesting. 

One of the best things about this game definitely has to be the fact that all the chapters were released at once so I wasn't sat around for months waiting for the next chapter to come out then having to recap what I had done previously when it was finally released. With all 5 chapters coming out on release day I was just able to consistently play this game and enjoy it all in one go. 

It is safe to say I really enjoyed my play through of this game and I am sure that once a few more games have been ticked off from my backlog I will end up going back and replaying this and probably all the other Life is Strange games I own and I think it is time I picked up Life is Strange 2. This game has just solidified Life is Strange as one of my favourite franchise and I am excited to see if we are going to get another game from them anytime in the future, fingers crossed we do. 

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