March 2022 New In

 When I look at this post I think to myself, wow I have actually been good this month and not spent a fortune... but then I look at my bank account and that tells a totally different story. I think most of my money went on eating out if  I am honest but I did pick up a few bits to treat myself and also help me convert my spare room into an office/ productive space for me to create content from. It has been nice getting items I actually need and am going to use rather than spending for the sake of it. So here is what I picked up throughout the month of March...

First up my mum has got on board with mine and Liam's new project and made us a mug and a key ring with the logo on. I love how these have turned out and I am hoping I can get a few more bits made by her in the near future as she is great with what she is doing and I have a few ideas in mind of bits I would like to have made. 

2 years have flown by since I got my iPhone 11 but it was finally time to upgrade my phone contract and to be honest it is probably the quickest decision I have ever made when it comes to picking a new phone. I knew straight away I wanted the iPhone 13 Pro and after a few weeks of using it I think it is safe to say I have made the right choice as the camera on this alone is absolutely amazing. 

Of course with a new phone I needed a new case and I once again opted for a Spigen case. I have found that these are really protective of my device and with my iPhone 11 I had 2 years of no damage down to the case. When it came to picking a case for my new phone the brand was the only one I considered. 

As part of the spare room transformation I needed a desk so I ended up opting for an Ikea table top and 4 simple legs as I wanted to do the transformation on a budget and I knew this would be a cheap but good option as I use it in the games room too. This desk turned out to be the perfect size for the room.

I finally invested in a ring light which is certainly going to come in handy for some of the content I am creating for my other blogs and even our new projects. This one was pretty cheap but it is actually great quality and has a RGB setting which is a brilliant option to have. 

When I got the other ring light I saw this clip on one for around £10 and I knew that I might as well grab this one too as it could come in very handy for the new project especially if I want to pack light when going and shooting images. This slots onto my tripod easily and doesn't take up much space at all. 

Finally I have got an overhead mount that just clips on my desk. I have wanted one of these for a while but kept on putting it off due to me not having the space but now with the spare room transformed the new desk was the perfect space to have this permanently set up. I am impressed with this and cant wait to get using it a whole lot more. 

So there you go that is everything I picked up in March, I am quite impressed that I stuck to buying the things I needed more than random things like I have done previously. Let's hope I can keep this up in April too. 

What was your favourite pick up from March?

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