The musicians I would love to see live

It is safe to say that this past year or so my love for music has really come back and I am listening to music daily now where as before it was a case of just listening to it every now and then. Thanks to how much I am listening to music again and falling back in love with old favourites and discovering new favourites it has got me thinking about the musicians I would really love to go see live someday. 

Over the years I have definitely seen plenty of amazing musicians, in fact I have seen so many it is hard to remember them all, some standouts for me though are Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, Nickelback and that is just a few of the names of those I have seen. It is safe to say that I have seen some great musicians in a mixture of genres and the list of people that I would love to see reflects this too as the artists on the list are from a wide range of genres too. So here are the musicians I would love to see live in the future... 

Justin Bieber 

Bieber is someone who I have listened to for a very long time and I am not ashamed to say that as I really like the music he brings out, his latest album is definitely my favourite though and with him coming to the UK soon I would love to be able to pick up tickets to go see him although I don't fancy going alone and I don't know anyone else who likes him. 

Camila Cabello

Camila is the first but certainly not the last ex-member of Fifth Harmony on this list as there will be some more featuring later on in this post. I was going to go to see Camila the last time she came to the UK however, each date clashed with something I already had planned which was definitely annoying. Fingers crossed though next time she comes to the UK I can get there. 


I absolutely love KSI he is hilarious on YouTube but his music is actually really good which originally surprised me but he definitely has talent when it comes to the music side of things. He has done a few tours already but just like with Camila Cabello the dates clash with other things so I haven't managed to get there yet, plus I could do with finding some one to go with too as I don't fancy going alone. 

Dinah Jane

Oh look another ex-member of Fifth Harmony, Dinah's voice is a standout from me and although we haven't had much solo content from her yet what we have had has been great. I think it is safe to say if Dinah ever announces any UK shows I will definitely be there. I just hope she releases some solo music soon and announces she is going to be coming to the UK. 


I have lost count of how many years I have listened to Halsey for, she has always been one of the musicians I have gravitated towards so to finally see her live would be absolutely amazing. I have loved everything she has released and honestly I don't think there is a single song I dislike or constantly skip which often happens with a lot of the people I listen to. Roll on the day I can finally see her live. 


The Caskets are a fairly new addition to the list thanks to me discovering them through Instagram, I had a listen to one of their songs and got hooked instantly. They are a local band from Leeds so I am hoping they do plenty of shows locally especially seen as I missed out on their latest Leeds show which ended up selling out. I think Liam could enjoy the band too so hopefully we can go see them together. 

Lauren Jauregui 

Finally on the list we have the musician I am looking forward to seeing live the most... Lauren Jauregui. Lauren's voice was always my favourite from Fifth Harmony and her solo work is absolutely fantastic, I just can't stop listening to it and I will be honest I probably listen to it daily if not every other day. I am really hoping Lauren announces a UK tour very soon as I can not wait to go see her live. I missed out on seeing her in Fifth Harmony and I won't be missing out on seeing her as a solo artist. 

So there you go those are the musicians I am hoping to see live some day in the future, I think to see some of them I am going to have to suck it up and go alone but hopefully I can drag Liam along to see a few of them with me too as it would make for a great evening out. Let's just see who announce a tour first, other than Bieber of course as we already know he is heading here soon. 

Who would you love to go see live? 

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