What We Are Playing (22nd April)


We are at a bit of a pretty busy time of the year for our other blogs with the change of season bringing more fashion content and the end of the football seasons rapidly approaching unfortunately this means gaming is on the back burner for a few weeks whilst we get ahead of ourselves but we do sometimes manage to find the time to just sit back and relax whilst playing a game although it isn't as often as we would like to. We have the football on Saturday and again on Sunday and sometime in between all that we need to go out and shoot some content. We are hoping to get some gaming time in too and here is what we are hoping to play if we do get the chance... 


I finally made a start on the Last of Us last weekend and I am really hoping I have the chance to put a bit more time into it this weekend but we will have to see how quickly I can get other jobs done to see how much time I can actually spend on the game. I also install Brothers : A Tale of  Two Sons on my gaming laptop so I would love to have time just to sit and work my way through that as I have heard it is a pretty quick game to play. 


It is the weekend so of course I will be spending some time playing World of Warcraft when I aren't at the football or taking pictures for Lucy's other blogs. I think I might also jump into a bit more Football Manager 22 as I haven't played that for a few weeks. Honestly though I think I will only have time to jump in and out of those games with how busy the weekend is looking. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend. Let's hope we manage to get plenty of our jobs done with time to spare so that we can actually sit down and play through some of the games we want to. It would definitely be great if I could complete Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons. 

What are you playing this weekend? 

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