April 2022 Favourites

Once again another month has absolutely flown by and we are somehow already in May, I honestly don't know where this year is going. April was a super busy month though and honestly I didn't get to do much for myself as life just seemed to be 100mph with a mixture of things taking place. Even though it was a busy month it is safe to say I have discovered some new favourite things and also rediscovered some old ones and here is what made the cut for my overall favourites in April...

Film & TV


Finally the Kardashians are back and you bet as soon as that first episode went on Disney+ I was watching it. Everyone laughs at how much I love watching the show as they just on't see the appeal however, once it previously went of air I was lost as I didn't have a show that I could just stick on in the background when I was blogging. I am so glad it is back and so far the episodes have provided us with classic Kardashian drama.  


Fifth Harmony

I aren't really sure why but throughout the month of April I have mainly stuck to listening to Fifth Harmony once again whether it has been whilst I was walking to work or just in the house they have been my go to artist of choice and honestly I can't ever see myself getting bored of listening to them. I think we have seen over the past months how I always seem to gravitate back to them. 


Overheard Camera Mount

 I was questioning this purchase at first, wondering if I would actually get my monies worth out of it or not and throughout April I have realised what a great choice the purchase was. this is helping me get more shots for my other blogs as well as helping me finally create some reels. It holds my phone and camera really well and it is making creating content so much easier as you will hopefully see on my social media very soon. 


Last of Us 

When I finished Guardians of the Galaxy I will be honest I was jumping in and out of games for the fun of it as I just couldn't find a game that gripped me or actually entertained me so those games very quickly got put back into the backlog. I finally installed The Last of Us though and although I am not too far in yet due to a lack of gaming time but from what I have played so far I am definitely impressed and I can't wait to dive into the game more now that I finally have some free time coming up. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of April. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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