Finally we have a new creative set up underway

Finally the spare room is somewhere that not only I can get ready in but it is in fact more of an office than anything else now. I needed a space where I could just take myself off with no distractions and get on with creating content as I was getting a bit too distracted when sitting in the games room thanks to the consoles, extra screen and of course Liam sat at the side of me. I just needed somewhere where   I could keep all my blogging items in one place and just sit and get on with things.

The room has numerous whiteboards dotted around on the walls just to help me stay on track of what needs doing and what doesn't, it is also a space for me to keep track of any other important information such as appointments or calls. these whiteboards have definitely been beneficial as I can just check what is most important and what needs doing the quickest. I also have some of my favourite shirts hung up in here and some other Edge of the Area pieces as that is the content that gets done most in here, plus it is what a lot of the projects focus on.

The biggest change in the room though was the removal of the sofa bed and the addition of the new Ikea desk set up. I was able to get a longer desk than I expected for this room and I am grateful for that as it has meant I have more space for my notebook, Macbook and anything else I need on my desk for being as productive as possible. This is perfect as I can have my Macbook on the go, a microphone and a notebook and still have space to move and even add an item if needed. It is just so nice not to be so cramped up. 

I clear up the desk space or move things to one side when needed as this desk doubles up as an area for me to take blog images on too. I treated myself to a overhead camera mount to take better overhead images and also for some ideas I have got in mind that I want to bring to life. I also finally have the space in the room for a few bits of lighting too so I have a ring light and even a clip on ring light just to improve the lighting quality on my images and if I do any calls on the Macbook. I think I might end up with another light in the future too just to balance it out a little bit. I could also do with getting some small storage boxes just for my camera accessories and tripod so that it looks a bit tidier. 

I am so glad I now have this space as since creating it I have been much more productive, have a space to keep everything together and even a space to take some new images for upcoming blog posts. I am really looking forward to using this space a whole lot more, working on my content and working on new projects which are in the pipeline. I also want to add a few more bit and also pick up a new camera backpack for content on the go but I am so ready to up my content and finally get these projects moving.

I definitely need to make the desk space look a bit nicer by adding my Gundam and maybe a few more items to add to it, but what would you add? 

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