What We Are Playing (6th May)


Ah the weekend after a nice quick working week. It should be a pretty good weekend too with the final game of the football season and not much else other than a few blog bits & bits of housework to do which means the majority of the weekend will be spent playing games for a change. We have tried to get the majority of the housework done before the weekend so that we have a lot more time to game as that time has seriously been lacking lately. Plus the blog bits that need doing can all be done in an hour or so as it is bulk shooting images which we keep putting off, with the weather being nice it is a shame to be inside for most of it so the Switch could come in handy but if not I can sacrifice the sun to get some games played at long last. So here is what we are hoping to play plenty of over the weekend... 


I made a start on Brothers : A tale of two sons at long last during the week however, midway through the prologue my laptop decided to update and restart which has now meant I need to restart the game. Fingers crossed I can fly through that this weekend though and final get it out of the backlog as from what I did play I really enjoyed it. I am also hoping to put quite a few hours into the Last of Us over the weekend as I still haven't managed to play any more of that thanks to either a lack of time or screen glare making it very difficult to see what is going on. I think if I get the chance to play this game I can very easily spend a lot of hours working my way through it and fingers crossed I can get pretty far into the game. Over the course of the weekend I also want to make a start on either Super Mario World 3D or Kirby and the forgotten land, I just don't know which one I want to make a start on the most but fingers crossed I can make my mind up this weekend and put a few hours into whichever one I pick. 


It is the weekend which of course means plenty of World of Warcraft but who knows I might jump into a bit of Football Manager again as I try to progress my team through the leagues. I think a fair bit of time will be spent on the PS5 though when Lucy isn't hogging the console. I started playing Far Cry 6 again last week and really started to enjoy it again so I am really hoping to play a bit more of that over the weekend if all goes to plan. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play over the weekend let's hope everything goes to plan and nothing unexpected pops up as I think we both need a weekend of doing not a right lot and just gaming/relaxing. Fingers crossed we can get at least one game out of the backlog too as progress has definitely been very slow so far this year.

What are you playing this weekend? 

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