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Well April was a month where I wanted to try save plenty of money and I will be honest I didn't save half as much as I would have liked as April was a pretty busy month with birthdays and days out. When it came to spending money on myself though I did better than expected and didn't waste money like I have done previously. I am trying to be much better with my money and to be honest so far it is working out and with the majority of birthdays now done I should be able to be even better with it. Here is what I picked up for myself throughout the month of April... 

My mum actually got me this and personalized it for me and it is a budget folder. This has various plastic wallets in it to encourage me to stick to a budget and actually have plenty of money left over at the month as I will have only spent exactly what I need to rather than spending on unnecessary purchases like I usually do. So far it only has a few plastic wallets in but I am already thinking of other things to add, any ideas?

As soon as Camila Cabello announced her new album I knew I would be buying a physical copy just like I did with Demi Lovato's. I am glad I bought this version as the CD comes with some art cards plus the cassette is the perfect addition to my very small collection so far. Plus the added bonus is the album is absolutely fantastic. 

I didn't plan on going to the comic book shop in April as when I do I never leave empty handed. I took my nephew in though to pass a bit of time and of course it was another Spider-Man graphic novel I purchased. I love these ones and they are pretty inexpensive so I love adding a new one to the collection every time I visit the shop. The collection of these is definitely growing and I am sure that wont change anytime soon. 

Now this was the only random purchase of the month and I didn't plan on actually buying them but as soon as I saw them there was no way I was leaving Primark without them. Growing up I absolutely loved the Powerpuff girls and I am loving seeing them on more products in stores although it does make me want to go back and watch the show from the beginning again.

Finally Liam treated me to Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the Switch. I had my eye on this game since it was announced so to finally get it and have the chance to play it is fantastic and I am really looking forward to finally jumping into this game. The free notebook we got with the game is a nice added bonus too and will come in very handy. 

I did well in April but I am hoping to do even better in May as to be honest I don't need much plus I have a fair bit in June and July I could do with saving for so if I can reign in the spending for May I should be able to pay for all those things easily for a change. I wouldn't be surprised if there are very few items in May's version of this post if all goes to plan as I aren't expecting to spend too much.

What was your favourite pick up from April?

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