My current top 5 musicians

Since the whole pandemic started I have noticed that my time listening to music has started to increase once more and I am listening to a lot of much daily these days rather than just listening every now and then if I had a spare few minutes. I listen to it when I am sat at home blogging or doing housework and I also listen to it when I am walking to work or in the car so my listening time especially on Spotify has massively increased. It isn't just new music I am listening to though as thanks to Spotify I am able to listen to the songs I grew up listening to and mix them all up in one big playlist which is fantastic. I have found myself gravitating towards some artists a whole lot more than others though and I am really enjoying listening to these artists more than others. So here are the artists I am currently listening to a whole lot more than others these days....

Shawn Mendes 

I have been a fan of Shawn Mendes for a long time now and I have been lucky enough to see him live once previously and I am going again this year which I really can't wait for. I am not 100% sure why I like Shawn's music so much but I often have it on repeat as it can be pretty easy listening. His earlier songs are great but for me his Wonder album beats everything and I love just sitting and listening to this over and over again. Roll on May so I can see him live once again. 

Taylor Swift 

Just like I have loved Shawn Mendes for a long time another solid favourite musician has been Taylor Swift, no matter what she has released I have listened and enjoyed it. Obviously like with everyone I like some albums more than others but I think what she has been producing since the pandemic has been amazing and Evermore is one of my favourites currently. I am also really enjoying her own versions of her older albums as they just capture her voice so well and showcase her talent and ability brilliantly. I could honestly listen to Taylor's music forever and it is just such easy listening and is perfect in the background when I am trying to get stuff done. Who knows maybe one day I will also get to see her perform live seen as I missed out last time. 

Justin Bieber

I actually went off of Justin Bieber for quite a while if I am honest but then I started listening to his latest music I fell back into the trap of listening to all his older music again and since then I haven't stopped. His newer stuff is definitely my favourite however, some of his older stuff I still go back to every now and then. It is safe to say though his music definitely gets stuck in my head and I have spent countless days with Ghost stuck in my head lately. He is coming to the UK soon on tour and I have found some tickets now it is just a case of trying to get some one to go with me as I don't fancy going alone. 

Ed Sheeran

I absolutely love Ed's first few albums but just like with Justin Bieber I kind of went off him for a while but WOW I absolutely love his new album. I am a bit jealous now that my sister and auntie are going to see him because his new music was added straight to my playlist and I can't stop listening to it. It led me to going back to listen to his first few albums too and I ended up rediscovering some of my old favourite songs. His music just like Taylor Swift's is great for being in the background when I am blogging as it is pretty easy listening. 

Lauren Jauregui 

 So here we go my overall favourite musician... Lauren Jauregui, I absolutely loved Lauren in Fifth Harmony as her voice really stood out from the rest for me and I had eagerly awaited solo music from her as I knew her voice would really standout and the songs she put out would be amazing. Her solo projects definitely haven't disappointed as her work really tells a story especially Prelude. I never got to see Lauren when she was in Fifth Harmony (who I still listen to these days) so I know as soon as she announces a UK tour I will be purchasing tickets. Lauren is the one artist I listen to daily at the moment without fail whether it is as part of Fifth Harmony or as a solo artist as her voice is just brilliant. I can't wait to see what other music she releases as no doubt it will be brilliant, fingers crossed we get more releases soon. 

I would definitely class these 5 artists as my current favourites as I am currently listening to them daily and they are certainly helping me get through my days. I am already looking forward to seeing Shawn Mendes live this year and I am really hoping that Lauren Jauregui announces a UK tour very soon as she is the one artist that I have yet to see that I really want to as I never got to see her in Fifth Harmony and her solo music is definitely my overall favourite. 

Who are your current top 5 musicians? 

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