A day in the life with the Macbook, no football day

My Macbook Pro 2020 has become an everyday essential for me, no matter what sort of day I am having I am using the Macbook in one way or another even if I am ill and stuck in bed I will be using the device just to binge watch YouTube. On a weekend though my usage of the Macbook massively increases as I have longer at home but now the football season is over that usage is going to increase even more as I have even more free time which I am determined to spend at home rather than going out shopping every weekend like I have done in the past. So here is how I use the Macbook Pro 2020 on a typical weekend now that there is no football for me to be going and watching...

Not long after I have woken up I will pick the Macbook up and head straight on over to YouTube, this is just whilst I am getting to the stage of being fully awake and it gives me a chance to watch any new uploads in my subscription box from the previous evening. I normally sit and watch YouTube for an hour then it is time to get up and ready for the day and going downstairs to make that much needed morning cup of coffee. 

Once the coffee is made it is a case of taking the coffee upstairs grabbing the Macbook and heading to the spare room to make a start on my day. The spare room is now more of an office area for me as I have a desk in there and all the equipment I need for both blogging and creating other content for the likes of Instagram. As soon as the Macbook is in place it is over to Google calendar to have a look at my monthly overview to see what the plan is for the week if not two weeks ahead. If it is a Sunday I will then grab my blog to do list notebooks and use the calendar to plan out the content I need to do that following week, this just helps gives me an overview of the week ahead and makes things a bit more organised going into the new week. I never knew just how much I would rely on Google calendars but it is just one space where I can visualize all the blogs at once making things a whole lot easier. 

When I have checked the calendar it is finally time to get cracking on with the day. I will head to blogger which is the platform for all my blogs. I will normally use this bit of time to make a draft of notes for upcoming blog posts so I know what points I want to cover in the post before writing them. Then it is a case of getting the relevant images uploaded whilst referring back to the to do list and any notebook notes so I know I am doing what I need to do rather than wasting time on bits I don't need to do for a while. Over the weekend I don't tend to stick to just the one blog, I will work on posts for all 3 blogs just so I am mixing it up a bit and getting ahead on them all rather than having one neglected (usually this one unfortunately), I know if I get ahead on them all on a weekend then my evenings after work are freed up a bit more and also I can focus on one specific one on an evening if needed as I know the others are already ahead. 

Once I have had enough of doing the stuff for the blog posts I will leave blogger and open up Facebook Creator Studio, which is a fairly new addition to my routine but honestly it is one of the best ones as it is helping me stay somewhat consistent on my Instagram accounts. I will usually spend an hour or two on here just uploading and scheduling content for the week or two ahead so I aren't rushing around everyday wondering what to post just so I have something going up. For so long I have been hit and miss with my Instagram content but hopefully by using Creator Studio on a weekend I will get much better with it. When everything is uploaded and scheduled it is time for some lunch so I will usually take my Macbook downstairs with me for this so that I can just aimlessly scroll through my different social media feeds whilst I am eating. To be honest I don't do this for as long as I used to and I tend to stick to an hour for doing this before heading back upstairs to do some more blog bits for 1-2 hours just to finish up any bits I feel like need sorting before the new week begins. 

 Before wrapping up the content creating day my final task is to just go through my emails for the blogs, delete the junk and just get ready for a fresh start. I get a lot of press releases for this blog so it is nice to catch up on those and I really should start doing something with them at some point rather than them just filling up my inbox. Sorting my emails is a task I have been awful at remembering in the past but I am more than determined to keep on top of these a lot more in the future as I am missing too much through not checking them often enough. 

After the emails are done that is it for the main bulk of the content creating day so it is a case of grabbing the Macbook and heading into the games room to play some games at long last, I guess you could say it is a bit of a reward for working hard in the morning and is just a nice way to relax. Rather than putting the device away whilst playing games though I will keep it on the little table at the side of me so if I get stuck on part of a game I can just quickly refer to a guide to help me through it quicker which happens a bit too frequently for my liking. It is also handy to have at the side of me if I am planning on reviewing the game for the blog too as it means I can quickly and easily type notes for the review straight onto either Apple Notes or straight onto the blogger page that the review will be going onto, this just means that the thoughts are straight down on the page rather than me having to think back to what happened later on down the line which I have had to do previously. I can't wait to get into doing more reviews on the blog and I really think I am going to benefit from this new way of having the Macbook by my side as it means I will be writing bits as I go rather than having to try remember the details which has either put me off reviewing the game altogether or has just kept delaying the content being created.

By the time I am done with the gaming it is time for bed for me as even on a weekend I don't like staying up too late as I know that no matter what I will still be up at my usual time of 5.30 or 6am. Just to relax for the evening it is back to bed with the Macbook to watch a bit more YouTube before finally falling off to sleep. I will usually use this time to watch gaming or fashion videos but lately I have once again been loving gaming YouTube more than anything else.

I won't do this for both a Saturday & Sunday as I do like for at least one of the days to be more relaxed by just gaming or watching TV but for the days I am having a content creation day on a weekend that is what the day looks like. The speed of the Macbook definitely helps me get through a lot on these sort of days which definitely makes the investment in this device worth it. 

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