May 2022 New In

I have been quite good when it comes to spending money this month or at least for the geeky. gaming & tech related things. I have really tried to reign in what I have spent with our upcoming holiday and trip to the Euros in July. I have managed to save just a little bit of money but at the end of the day I have managed to grab a few bits I wanted or needed. So here are the very few items I have picked up this month...

A bit of a random one but after far too long I have managed to find the fruit salad tracksuit bottoms. I have been on the hunt for these as they are a good low calorie snack for whilst I am on this health kick. These are perfect for snacking on during the blogging and gaming sessions as it means I can eat a pack whilst going whilst consuming a low amount of calories and not creating a mess on the keyboard or controller.  

I am wanting to find more ways to relax these days not just gaming, one thing I have always loved to do is draw so when I saw this book for just £2 I knew I wanted to pick it up as  I think it could be super fun and nice & relaxing since it combines my love for drawing and Pokemon. I even ended up getting one of these for my nephew too. 

If you have followed my Instagram you will have seen I am on a bit of a health kick to try and shift this weight once and for all. Thanks to the help of Steven & Dane my motivation is higher than ever to get cracking on with the weight loss and really get working towards my goals. To do this though I needed some new clothing that actually fit so I ended up picking up these Nike sets to help me achieve those goals. 

 Finally I picked up this Let's Get Fit game for the Switch after a lot of recommendations from people on social media. This game is going to be useful on those days where I don't have a weights session scheduled in. Thanks to this game I can just load it up on the Switch and smash on with a workout, I know I will be getting most use out of this game whilst I am on holiday though as it means I can continue with the workouts whilst I am away rather than just skipping them.

So there you go those are the items I picked up over the month of May. I am quite pleased how I managed to reign my spending in and I think we might be seeing this happen again during June although there are a few items I am definitely wanting in the month and one of those just so happens to be a Nintendo Switch game.

What was your favourite pick up from the month of May?

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