What we are playing (24th June)


Finally it is the weekend, this week seemed to have gone on forever and there has been so much going on for both me and Liam so we are certainly looking forward to a weekend of not doing a lot. We are at the football tonight (Friday) but other than that we don't really have anything else going on for a change, well we have the boring jobs of cleaning but that shouldn't take us too long at all. The blind is also up in the games room meaning we can spend all day in there if we wish. We are definitely hoping for a chilled game filled weekend and here is what we are hoping to play... 


I am really looking forward to a more relaxed pace this weekend there is barely any blogging to do, I have a few workouts to get done and a little bit of tidying up but other than that we actually have a weekend of barely anything to do so I will be making the most of it as gaming has been on the back burner lately for me. Now the blind is up I can get full use out of the consoles again so I think the majority of my weekend will be spent working my way through the Last of Us as I really want to start making some good progress through that game because from what I have played so far I am really enjoying the game. I am also hoping to spend some more time on Cars 3 Driven to win, this game has been perfect so far for just sitting and chilling out with after a long day so I hope that continues to be the case. I am slowly making my way through events on this game and I think if things go to plan this weekend I could soon be ticking it off the backlog list as I will be close to completing all the races available to me. If I have any spare time I will be jumping in and hopefully completing Brothers A Tale of Two Sons this weekend too at long last as this shouldn't take me too long it is just a case of if the gaming laptop actually wants to work properly or not. 


There is no work for me this weekend so other than helping Lucy out a bit around the house I don't have much to do other than game which is great and honestly much needed. Of course I will be spending the weekend playing World of Warcraft as usual and I will be throwing a bit more Crusader Kings into the mix too as I am enjoying that game. The majority of weekend could be spent on the Switch though as I restarted Zelda Breath of the Wild last week and I am really enjoying playing that so a lot more hours could easily be spent on that before I am back to work on Monday. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play over the course of this weekend, lets hope that for once everything goes to plan and we can just spend a lot of time playing games and hopefully make some good progress through the games we are playing, I (Lucy) am really hoping to get at least 1 game complete this weekend as the backlog really needs to start being reduced.

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