What we are playing (1st July)


Will this weekend actually go as planned? I really hope so. Last weekend didn't go to plan at all and it ended up super busy so I didn't get any chance to game which definitely annoyed me as I hate when plans change last minute. I am really hoping that the plans don't change at all this weekend and that it is a weekend of getting blog posts written and actually playing some games for once as I am really missing playing at the moment and July is turning into a very busy month so this might be our last chance in a while to just sit and play for hours on end. So here is what we are hoping to play this weekend...


I have a fair bit of blogging to do this weekend but I am determined to not let it take over the full weekend like I previously would. I am hoping a good few hours blogging on Friday evening and then up until Saturday afternoon will get everything done and leave me able to game from Saturday evening and all day Sunday. I am really hoping this all goes to plan because after seeing how shocking I am doing with my backlog challenge I really need to take it up a notch and start completing some games. I am getting Brothers : Tale of two sons finished this weekend no matter what as this is taking far too long due to PC issues, but I should be able to finally tick this off the list this weekend, in fact I aren't going to play anything else until it is complete. Once Brothers is done I can't decide whether I will be putting more hours into Cars 3 or the Last of Us, if I go for Cars 3 again I have a pretty good chance of completing it but I am missing playing the Last of Us as I have really enjoyed what I have played so far, I guess I will decide which to play based on my mood over the weekend. I am also trying to get Liam to make a start on It Takes Two as well this weekend as it has been sat on the shelf far too long now and I am really looking forward to seeing if it is as good as everyone says. 


It is the weekend so of course I am going to be playing a fair bit of World of Warcraft just like I have done during the week but this week I am also going to play some Satisfactory, this factory building game is a new one I picked up from the Steam sale so I am looking forward to giving that a go to see what it is like. Lucy is also trying to get me playing It Takes Two with her so no doubt I will end up giving in and playing that with her for a while. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, fingers crossed everything goes to plan and this is exactly how things are going to work out. Once those blog posts are done it is a case of nothing but gaming. I am hoping that I can stay off the Steam sale too as I have almost ended up caving up a few times as a lot of my wish list has dropped massively in price. Let's hope we can get this backlog moving and resist buying anything else but I guess only time will tell. 

What are you playing this weekend?

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