My first impressions of The Last of Us


Do you ever start to play a game and just wonder to yourself why it has taken you so long to start it? Well that has definitely been a question I have asked myself now that I have finally got around to playing The Last of Us. This game has been sat in my backlog for far too many years, in fact I got it right around the time I got my PS4 which seems like forever ago but I am only just getting around to playing the game now. I had always heard good things about the game from friends and people on social media but for some reason I just kept putting off my own play through in favour of other games. Now that I have started playing it though I am kicking myself for taking so long as I am really enjoying what I have played so far and it would have been a perfect game to play when I have been in a gaming rut the past few months. I could have saved so much time rather than skipping between the games I have been doing and just getting fed up which honestly led to no gaming at all for weeks.

I aren't anywhere near as far into the game as I would have liked to be due to a lack of gaming time but another big reason is the fact that we have had no blind in the games room since redoing it at the end of last year. With the weather changing screen glare has been a really pain as no matter what time of day it is the sun hits the screen causing the consoles to be unplayable.I am looking forward to getting the blind up properly as it means I will have no issues with the glare any more and should be able to push and make some good progress through the game at long last.

I am really glad the controls are easy to pick up and remember as the time spent between plays could have really caused an issue if this wasn't the case. There have been games in the past where I have had a break between playing and I have gone back and have no recollection of the controls required to do specific things during the game, luckily though through this game it has been nice and simple and for once I remember exactly what button does what meaning I can crack right on with making progress throughout the game rather than having to sit and relearn the basics every time I have a spare hour to play the game. 

The game play has been great so far too and honestly I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. It is actually gripping me and I aren't bored at all which is great as the past few games I have tried getting into have not gripped me at all and have lasted around 1 hour before I have given up on them which eventually caused me to lose the motivation for playing anything for awhile but this game seems to be helping bring that motivation back. The story is a lot better than I expected too but I guess I should have expected that as when people were recommending this game to me they were always recommending it based on the story line it held, as I said before I aren't too far into this yet but if the story continues the way it is doing I know I am going to love this game based on the story alone. 

With the game being different to the ones I usually like to play I honestly thought it would be another game I started and put back on the shelf but that is definitely not the case and I am finding myself itching to play it more and more, I wouldn't say it was living up to expectations as if anything it is exceeding my expectations. i just really wish it hadn't taken me years to start playing this game as I am certainly enjoying myself and I am kicking myself a bit that I am experiencing this so far down the line when the game has just been sat gathering dust. Fingers crossed now the blind is up and I am trying to balance life much better so I can finally put plenty of time back into gaming as I have definitely been missing it lately. If everything goes to plan I think I will end up flying through the rest of the game and rolling the credits on it soon as I know I am going to end up hooked on it. The best part is I already have part 2 sat in the backlog so hopefully I will be moving onto that one in the very near future. 

I am so ready to get back into gaming now as I have found a game that has me gripped and wanting to pick up that controller once more. Let's hope this is just the beginning and I can finally get games moving out of that backlog but for now I will be spending any free time trying to get through more of the Last of Us. 

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