What is on our Xbox Series X

We got our Series X not long after release with every intention of buying a lot more Xbox games and actually spending time playing on the console unlike we did on our Xbox One. This hasn't really gone to plan though and we have had a lot less time for gaming lately plus we haven't really been buying new games due to our massive backlog which we are trying to shift at long last. These factors mixed in with the fact I have been suffering with a lack of motivation for gaming and honestly it has been a long time since I have picked up a controller and had a really good gaming session on either the Xbox or the PlayStation. I am determined to finally free some time up soon though to actually sit and play some games to tackle this backlog and luckily my Xbox has plenty of games already loaded on it so I can dive right in and play the games I already own, so here is what is on our Xbox...

Borderlands 3
This game is one of Liam's as he has always enjoyed playing the Borderlands games. As for me I don't play the Borderlands games but I do enjoy sitting and watching Liam playing them. He isn't too far into this game but keeps going back to it every now and then who knows he might get it completed soon. I think one day I might sit and play through these games myself (maybe when the backlog is a lot smaller) so I can see this sitting on the console for a while.

Tales from the Borderlands
I have actually managed to fully complete this game but I really can't bring myself to delete it from the console. I had so much fun playing this one and it honestly surprised me as it was my first TellTale game. This has been kept on the console so that I can go back to it as and when I please and I am also trying to convince Liam to play it as I think it is a game he would really enjoy playing too.

Assassins Creed Valhalla
This is another one of Liam's games, I got him this for Christmas the other year and he went through a phase of only playing this game however, he then got a bit bored of it and honestly I haven't seen him playing it for quite a while. I used to love playing Assassins Creed games but honestly I haven't been bothered by them recently but after watching Liam play this I think that once the backlog is cleared I will actually give this one a go. 

Gears of War Ultimate Edition
I have never played a Gears of War game up until now. I picked this up really cheap a long time ago and we made a start playing through this together which is something we said we really wanted to do. Unfortunately though we have not got very far through this yet due to a lack of time to sit and play together with no distractions but fingers crossed we can make a stat on it properly too.

Sunset Overdrive
This is a game that a lot of people recommended to me and it was sat in my backlog for the longest time. I finally made a start on it this year and I didn't like it at all, I struggled getting into it and found myself getting very fed up very quickly so that game has once again been shelved. I have left it loaded on the console tough in case I do want to go back to it but if I need space and have to delete something this will be the first to go. 

NHL 22
We started going to our local Ice Hockey teams games at the end of last year and I absolutely fell in love with the game, I already enjoyed watching the NHL but to go see it live is brilliant. I ended up picking up the game as a time killer and honestly I need to sit down and play it even more as I really enjoy playing this one. I can see this game becoming a more frequent purchase a bit like FIFA.

Tell me why
I managed to pick this up when it was being given away for free and I am so glad that I didn't miss out on it as I loved every second of this game. I am a big Life is Strange fan and this settled the void once I had completed all the Life is Strange ones I owned. I have kept this on here because I might actually go back and do another play through someday soon. 

Super Lucky's Tale
This game has been on the console for a long time now and I don't see if being removed anytime soon or even completed anytime soon. I am playing through this game with my nephew when he comes to visit as at 3 years old he is enjoying it and it is something fun that we can do together. I don't mind playing this slowly with him as it is a nice change.

Cars 3 Driven to win
This is another game that has been in my backlog for far too long as I picked it up for very cheap but never got around to playing it due to other games I owned and kept buying at the time. I am slowly making progress through this now though and I think that this will possibly be the next Xbox game that I complete, and hopefully that won't be too far in the future. 

Balan Wonderworld
This is another game that I got because it was cheap and to be honest I really wish I hadn't bothered. I think I have put less than half an hour into this game so far and honestly I won't be rushing back to it anytime soon. I just couldn't get into this and my experience with the game meant I didn't want to start on anything new just in case it ended up like this one so I didn't play anything for a few weeks, it made any gaming motivation disappear. It is still on the Xbox though just in case I do end up going back and completing it to get it out of the backlog once and for all. 

So there you go that is what we currently have installed on our Xbox. we certainly don't have a lot of games on their as most of our games are on the PlayStation but I am determined that for the rest of the year and into the future I will be playing on the Xbox a lot more and certainly not neglecting it as much as I have been previously. It is time to get through more of the backlog so that I can finally start buying more recent games and who knows I might even sign up to Gamepass at long last.

What is your favourite game on your Xbox currently?

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